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Jessica Glover

Personal: When I am not working as a substitute teacher I am constantly trying to try and learn new things. Currently I am trying my hand at flying airplanes, and hoping to get a start on learning Italian once I have a little more free time. I volunteer part-time for NESA, a group that helps senior citizens with things like buying groceries and getting to doctor's appointments. I also enjoy cooking, baking, jogging, playing with my dog (whose name is Prince), watching old movies, and, of course, playing video games!

Education: I graduated with honors from Western Michigan University with majors in Spanish, French and Psychology, with an emphasis on Secondary Education. Currently I am taking flying lessons at a nearby flight school and I hope to return to Western Michigan University next spring to pursue a Masters Degree in Spanish.

Video games: I was born and raised on the original NES and haven't lost my love for gaming since. While I like all kinds of games, there exists a special place in my heart for RPGs and RTS. My favorite games of all time include: Final Fantasy VII, Caesar III, Caesar IV, Emperor: Rise of the Middle Kingdom, Splinter Cell, and, I'm almost ahamed to admit, The Sims. I will soon find out whether Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII will become part of that list. I also enjoy playing Guitar Hero and Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas from time to time. My dream is for Final Fantasy VII to one day be remade with today's graphics but with the same amazing plot and characters, as I believe heart and soul that Final Fantasy VII was God's gift to gaming!

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