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Patrick Honeyman

Hello, I'm Patrick Honeyman and you're about to read my profile where you can find out why I review games and thoroughly enjoy them (hopefully until old age where I can't tell my family and friends apart!)

My first encounter with games was with owning a Spectrum +3 way back in the '80's. Then, as expected, console hopping from one generation to another I have arrived at the mecca that is having all 3 of the current generation consoles to keep me entertained and sometimes bring me new experiences as well (it's why I continue to play these things others cast aside as a 'wasted pastime').

I also studied Japanese Studies at university (can you see the influence) and ever since graduating have been bold enough to play many more Japanese-made games in the original language. It becomes like riding a bike after a while; you just keep on doing it and besides the odd surprise you just get used to it. This means I have been able to enjoy some releases a long time before they have been brought over to the West but in the same respect it also means that if I think a game's great I'll sing its high praises to the heavens so that as many people know about it as possible.

I continue to pursue jobs in games journalism and possibly Japan as I did study there for a year as part of my course and have been back on holiday a couple of times as well. Maybe if I can find a place to put my far too large Japanese manga collection I will finally take the leap and get back to Japan sometime in the near future.

Well, I hope that tells you a little about me as a person. I can only hope that the reviews I do for Realm of Gaming communicate my feelings on the games I play to the readers and that you are fully informed if something turns out to be genuinely great or just outright frustrating. Peace out.

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