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Joe Green

Joe is a freelance editor for Realm of Gaming. He's been a part of RoG since October 2011, with his first review on the much loved and equally hated Dark Souls. You can follow him @WeeJoeGreen.

"I tend to grade my reviews quite high, but hey, that's because I only review the very best of them out there! I'm an avid fan of most big release RPG and action-adventure games but I'm also fascinated by many obscure indie games these days. I grew up on all things Nintendo but have lost my way in recent years for Xbox and PlayStation.
If you ever fancy commenting on one of my reviews, please do give me a shout."

Latest Reviews:

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PlayStation 4Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare7.5
PlayStation 4inFAMOUS: Second Son8.0
Xbox 360Grand Theft Auto V9.0
PlayStation 3The Last of Us10
MoviesIron Man 3
Xbox 360Far Cry 39.0
Xbox 360Tomb Raider 201310

Total Reviews: 17