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Alexandra Sloan

Who I am: I'm a small town, country girl who fell in love with horses, video games and anime from an early age. I grew up in the middle of nowhere in New York State, and have lived all over the country. In my spare time I help teach little kids martial arts once a week, giving them a chance to try something new and get in shape. I enjoy riding and showing horses, watching movies, anime, taking photographs and playing video games on the PC and the PS3. I also enjoy downtime by playing with my three cats, two ferrets and ten sugar gliders. If I’m not playing games, playing with my animals or watching anime, I’m reading books by the library shelf! I enter my photographs into the New York State Fair every year, and post daily photographs on my photo-blog.

My Education: I am attending Arizona State University for a Bachelors of Science in Communications – I’m enjoying it immensely. I am working on a special interest in Journalism, although I really want to work in the communications field when I am done.

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