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September 6, 2007 by

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I want to say this first: This ain't no Chrono Cross.

Here comes an RPG developed by Reality Pump with quite a bit of hype. Can it live up to the likes of Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion or be better than that? That’s for you to decide…

After customizing your character and choosing a difficulty level (easy, medium, hard), you are dropped into a cinematic. In the intro cinematic I noticed that the mouths didn’t always match up with the words that were being spoken, which was unfortunate. Other than that, the sound is satisfactory for the most part. The video ends, and then you are left with a short tutorial with two enemies to take out and a gate to open up. You wield a sword in one hand and the other holds up a torch to aid in seeing around the room. From there you are free to explore the realm and help find your sister, Kira, while also carrying out little tasks that come up that are asked of you by locals. You are free to skip some of the side-quests if you like, but they can be a nice adventure that’s different from your main course of action. With the quests, you are set up in the 3rd person perspective with the right control stick, allowing you to control the camera angle.

This is a fully immersive 3D environment. The graphics are decent but could have definitely been improved on the next-generation of consoles, given the power of the Xbox 360 and what can be seen in other games. One good thing that comes about from this is the lesser frequency of load times. When you are walking and running around the vast and expansive landscape you generally won’t have to wait while the disc is read. You can walk right into a new building seamlessly! On the subject of environments - the weather could be nice and sunny one second, and later you could be running in the rain. The wind also is shown by swaying movements of trees, shrubs, and grass. On occasion you will be able to ride a horse around.

Besides the graphics, there are also other issues related to the appearance on the screen of this particular game. If you have a small TV you may have trouble reading the text that comes up and customizing things from your inventory, etc. The game seems to have been made for people that have a nice big television and high definition, especially. For those of you who don’t, you might be left squinting at the screen. The status bar on the top left keeps track of your health (aka vitality) in red, and blue is your mana (magical powers). A yellow bar is there when you use a bow. The top right shows a map of where you are and other locations in the vicinity.

The game doesn’t live up to the massive hype that was attributed to it but does make for a fairly entertaining RPG experience, especially if you enjoyed the likes of Diablo and want something 3D. It at least deserves a rent as it is a well conceived RPG, but I wouldn’t recommend buying it until it comes down a bit in price – as these new games are initially very expensive.

Rating: 7.5/10

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