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Fantastical physics-based puzzle game anyone? How about some sidescrolling action? Or, maybe you'd like to add in some co-op puzzle solving. Well, Trine 2 has it. This sequel to Trine offers some thumb-grabbing gameplay accompanied by plenty of eye candy.

Trine 2 starts off with the three characters from Trine rejoining together in a quest to save the princess. There's no deep storyline here. A wizard is disturbed by a light and follows it through the forest. Two other characters are puzzled by a floating light and follow it, as well. The three characters are rejoined by this light, the Trine, and set off on their journey. Instead of the storyline, Trine 2 focuses on gameplay and visuals more than anything, and in these areas it does exceedingly well.

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Trine 2's gameplay is mostly physics-based puzzles: however, it does showcase some combat, as well. Players must move objects, jump, grapple, and kill goblins to advance through the levels. The puzzles can be solved a variety of ways. Although Trine 2 is at heart a thinking game, it doesn't make players think too long before offering hints. That being said, Trine 2 isn't so easy it becomes boring, either.

Trine 2 has three different characters to play: a wizard, knight, and thief. The wizard summons objects from thin air. He can also levitate objects. The knight slashes goblins with his sword, demolishes walls with his war hammer, and defends himself with his shield. The thief carries a bow and arrows as well as a grapple to swing across areas. In solo mode a player can switch freely between all three characters at any point in time. All three characters are needed to complete each level. Also, each character can be leveled up to learn new skills. Players can choose which new skills each character learns.

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The multiplayer co-op adds a unique experience to the game that cannot be accomplished in single player mode. Here, players combine the abilities of their characters to advance through the stages. Co-op mode can be played in-game or online for up to three players. This mode offers the most versatility in puzzle-solving, allowing from some pretty creative fun.

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The first thing that grabbed my attention in Trine 2 was the wickedly rich artistic environment. Trine 2 hosts some of the most detailed and color rich gaming environments around, especially for a game of its price. If for nothing else, Trine 2 should be played just to delight in the visual experience. The hues are bold and deep. Apparently, the artistic team actually spent some time thinking about the color scheme. It mirrors proper artistic color schemes artists learn in school. As a result, you just can't take your eyes off the captivating imagery. You may even be tempted not to blink. Trine 2 is definitely worth seeing.

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The music and voiceovers are quite theatrical. It definitely enhances the feel of game. Trine 2 hosts a 19 song, fairytale driven soundtrack. Watch out fairytale ravers, you may be love drunk. These unapologetically fantasy-themed tracks prompt a feeling liken to participating in an epic fantasy adventure. How suiting for a fantasy game. Along with the environments, Trine 2 envelops gamers in a fantasy world from all angles.

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In a nutshell, Trine 2 presents a pleasurable gaming experience. Trine 2 offers some great physics-based gaming that doesn't leave gamers frustrated when they get stuck in a rut. The visuals are awesome to watch, and the music complements the theme of the game. Single player and co-op modes offer variety in gaming style and level completion. The option to save a game at anytime gives players the freedom to choose the length of the gaming session. Trine 2 is also NVIDIA 3D vision compatible, adding another entertaining element to gameplay. On the downside, the campaign is short and the story is hollow. Yet, Trine 2 still offers some entertaining solo and co-op gaming.

Rating: 8.5/10

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