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Xbox 360

November 23, 2006 by

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Returning for his second outing on next-generation consoles, Tiger Woods trademark smile and unbelievable golfing skills continues to endorse EAs annual update of their golfing franchise, appropriately titled Tiger Woods PGA Tour. The latest edition to hit the shelves continues to provide the accurate and realistic experience that weve come to expect from the series, as well as offering various new gameplay features and more content to keep you busier than what last years outing offered.

Hitting off with a fairly extensive character creation system, the game offers you the chance to create your own custom golfer, or simply progress through the game playing as Tiger Woods. EA has included a fairly feature-packed character creation system, allowing you to create the most craziest golfer to step foot on a course, or a very true-to-life pro. Theres more than simply selecting a hair colour, skin colour and the clothing and apparel that hell adorn: you also need to consider whether he or she looks weathered with wrinkles, age spots or blemishes, the exact size and shape of the nose, the type of mouth, the voice and various other tidbits that go into much finer detail than what many other games offering character creation feature.

Once youve created your character, youll also need to train him into a world class sports star. You can partake in any of the various training options available, which range from simple hitting and putting practice through to more varied and enjoyable games that help build your characters skill and also get you more knowledgeable on how the game plays. Your character will also build skill whenever he is on the course, whilst in competition or otherwise.

Whats also interesting outside of the gameplay on hand is the integration with ESPN news and updates. Every twenty minutes on the games menus youre greeted with an ESPN radio updated, detailing the latest happenings in the world of sport. Theres also a ticker that gives the latest news available for you reading pleasure, directly to your Xbox 360 when connected to Xbox Live.

When heading into the games gameplay, those who played last years release will be immediately familiar with this years offering. The game plays and controls virtually identical to last years game, with the inclusion of a few new gameplay bits that are largely optional for use, such as a new targeting system, allowing you to zoom right into the area in which you wish to hit the ball.

Theres also the new Tiger Challenge Mode, which sees you progressing through a line-up of both fictitious golfers and famous PGA pros until you eventually reach Tiger Woods himself. The mode is essentially a ladder-style tournament, requiring you to beat each opponent that gradually increases in skill as you climb the ladder to the top.

Of course, theres also the usual PGA Tour mode, which allows you to play through a five-year career that incorporates the FedEx Cup Playoffs that is, only if youre a good enough golfer to place in the top 30 during the 16-event season. The mode is presented in a straightforward and simple setup, simply requiring you to browse through a calendar and choose whether you want to play each tournament or simply have it simulate for you.

Various traditional game modes also make a return, including Stroke Play, Match Play and the classic two-on-two team game, Foursome. New additions include Greensome, also a two-on-two team game, which sees players selecting select the best drive, which your team then takes shots from for the rest of the hole. Bloodsome is largely the same, however, your opponents select where you will tee off.

In addition, theres a host of different mini games to partake in, with two new games joining previous years roster of events. Theres now Twenty One, where two players battle-it-out to be the first to score 21 points. Hitting the ball closest to the cup in a round will score you one point; managing to get the ball into the cup will get you five points. Seven is essentially the same as Twenty One, albeit with some changes to the scoring. There are also two Arcade games available, which includes the thoroughly enjoyable Battle Golf, where the winning player gets to remove a club from his or her opponents bag. If the two sides are evenly matched, this mode can prove to be a great multiplayer experience to be had.

Although the graphics themselves have not received any significant makeover from last years outing on the Xbox 360, the presentation on offer in this years release has been improved, making the game more aesthetically and visually pleasing. The golfers themselves offer some superb detail and animation, looking impressively realistic and accurate to their true form. Most of the courses also look great, however, there are times where could look a bit better. The games accurate visual representation is backed with an appropriate soundtrack, voice over work and sound effects, all of which sound great and fit the game beautifully.

The standard online mode through Xbox Live is also on offer, allowing you to take on gamers around the globe in either Ranked or Unranked matches. Theres also a tournament feature, which includes daily tournaments.

The Tiger Woods series has been offering a solid golfing experience for quite some time now, with the latest, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07, continuing this fine tradition. Theres some notable better improvements made to this years edition, all of which combine to provide a worthwhile experience for anyone interested in the sport.

Rating: 7.5/10

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