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SEGA has finally released a Sonic title that refreshingly reinvents the qualities that made the original Sonic great. Old-school Sonic fans will love the updated feeling of speed from our super fast hero. Sonic has never felt so swift before. Two versions of Sonic switch between 2D platformer and 3D: zipping through multi-tracked levels, grinding across rails, smashing item boxes, picking up rings, and obliterating enemies through shear speed. The gameplay truly feels fast. The variety of paths in each level is exciting and makes the levels worth replaying again and again. Switching between 2D and 3D mode adds an array of excitement. The 2D levels place Sonic in his classic platforming state; no surprises in gameplay here. However, the 3D Sonic totes a refreshing experience in how gamers manipulate the blue blur. It's hard to get bored when the camera angles, and hence the way Sonic is controlled, keep changing. Think Sonic Rings movement in a menage a trios with Sonic's original platforming style and 3D style levels. Even though it feels fresh and reinvented, it still feels old and familiar, too. But, in a good way, like how Christmas is old and familiar.

Besides the actual gameplay, the visuals offer the best perk of playing Sonic Generations. Sonic Generations truly is fun to watch. The HD quality look coupled with re-imagined level and backgrounds, boast delightful eye-candy. Changing camera angles maintain the levels' spanking new vibe. The levels look so fast, players feel like their on their toes at every second. Better not blink or you might miss another trail to choose from, or run into one of those slow-poke enemies that are always hogging your path.

The music is what one would typically expect from an old-school Sonic game. Even the sound effects call back to the older generation of Sonic titles. This is actually great. It gives Sonic fans that nostalgic listen down memory lane without feeling out of touch with reality by stubbornly sticking to older Sonic titles to get their "back in the ol' days everything was better" fix. Once again, SEGA married some of the likable old qualities with new elements.

The plot is nothing special, but neither is the plot of any other Sonic title. Here, Sonic is fighting a force that is attempting to annihilate time, itself. It's a good enough reason to throw Sonic into familiar stages from previous Sonic titles. However, it doesn't add any depth to an already weak storyline. Then again, who really plays Sonic for the storyline? It's the gameplay Sonic gamers are after.

Although the entire game is fairly short, and there are only four boss battles, Sonic Generations offers a lot of content worth playing again. There are a load of unlockable challenges that become available after completing the game once-through. Plus, the mountain of multi-pathed choices in each level makes Sonic Generations worth replaying over and over. Sonic Generations is a must-play for old-school Sonic buffs. Yet, it is definitely fun enough to create new Sonic enthusiasts, as well.

Rating: 9.0/10

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