Singularity Review

Xbox 360

August 9, 2010 by

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Raven Software is a well respected developer with several hit games in their library such as: Hexen, Marvel Ultimate Alliance, X-Men Legends, and X-Men Origins Wolverine. In follow up to the brilliance that was Wolverine, Raven decided to put that same game engine to use in a different genre: The First Person Shooter. From this stroke of genius and roll of the dice came the game Singularity. A time bending first person shooter with survival horror moments sprinkled in just to keep you on edge.

The story for the game goes something like this. In the aftermath of World War II, The Russians ever distrustful of the US decide to start weapons research into a new element found only on a certain island. That element is called E-99 and it has several uses as you will find weapons and ammo galore created by this substance. It also has the drawback of creating monsters, but that is neither here nor there according to the scientists. This Island undergoes a temporal blast in 1951 destroying the facilities and creating a singularity. In 2010, America discovers a disturbance while *illegally* flying over the Russian airspace, but again neither here nor there. They send a group of soldiers to investigate and it is at this point that they are attacked by the monsters and stuck on the Island. It is almost like they created "Lost: The FPS" which would be an awesome game by the way.

The graphics are amazing much like they were in Wolverine. The Damage system from Wolverine is also intact making showcase kills like stabbing a monster in the stomach and watching guts spill. It is a fairly epic style game with a system of using temporal shifts as a weapon. When I first heard about this I wasn't sure that anybody could make this work and still be fun and not tedious. Raven Software pulled it off beautifully. Its a mixture of Bioshock, Dead Space, Alien vs Predator (the good one), and the Matrix (if it had a good game anyway).

The storyline is pretty amazing for a time traveling story, as they tend to be your standard going back in time to right a wrong affair. This game is different in that you going back in time caused the problem and as such the world is in the grip of a singularity and time is collapsing in on itself. Congratulations, look upon all you have wrought. The game is tense playing out much like FEAR with bullet time replaced with whatever type of time you want... because you now control it. MWAHAHAHA! That all being said the game is definitely worth being played and is a big statement in the FPS market that is being flooded with franchise extensions. That is not to say that those two series are dull, but Singularity adds something special to it much like Dark Void (which was great if you could get past the tough controls) did for 3rd person shooters and that is a fun and working gimmick. Singularity is very enjoyable, has great graphics, fun gameplay, and an intense storyline with increased fear around every corner. I would play it again... I am playing it again.

Rating: 7.5/10

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