Red Dead Redemption Review

Xbox 360

June 8, 2010 by

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Red Dead Redemption is the newest video game from Rockstar and there is no doubt that its one of the best game releases, if not the best game release in 2010. As most of you will know, Rockstar also develops the Grand Theft Auto (GTA) series, which is the most popular video game series ever made. Red Dead Redemption is a lot like the GTA series except for the simple fact youre going to be playing in a Wild West atmosphere that will take you back to the year 1911.

In the game youll be playing as John Marston who is a cowboy that wants revenge on his old gang. To start the game youll arrive in the city of Blackwater by train without much information about whats in store for you. Once youre off the train youll quickly notice that there is a lot to explore in the vast Wild West. Once youre off the train a man on a horse will take you to a hideout where youll be able to confront your old gang.

You and the new leader of your old gang get into an argument and you end up getting shot although you dont die. Some nice residents of the neighbouring city then pick you up and this is where the game really starts. Youll be able to start following the storyline at this point, which will take you around the Southern parts of the United States and even into Mexico as you progress through the game.

You need to decide early on whether you want to be a good cowboy or a bad cowboy. I found that playing the good cowboy made the storyline a lot better although youll need to decide what you prefer. The two most important features in Red Dead Redemption are your Fame and Honour. Every time that you do anything in the game youll be rewarded with positive or negative Honour, which will determine how the other characters act towards you in the game.

Red Dead Redemption should take about 25-30 hours on average to beat although it may take longer if you spend a lot of time playing around in the vast landscape of the game. There are plenty of other things to do apart from the main set of missions, including side missions, working, gambling and much more. Once youre done beating the single player mode you dont have to throw the game away in a drawer forever, as there is an excellent online feature that includes several games.

You can play several online games in Red Dead Redemption with up to 15 other players at the same time. The games are split up into two categories including free roam and competitive play. In free roam you can play with 15 other players and either kill each other or help each other beat certain side missions such as attacking gang hideouts. In competitive play you have the choice between playing death matches, capture the bag and a game titled Gold Rush.

When you play the free roam version online you actually get to level up your character, which will allow you to use better horses and weapons. In competitive mode all the players have the same attributes, which means youre going to need to rely on your skills in order to win the games. Overall Red Dead Redemption is an amazing game that is going to go down as the best Wild West game ever made for any gaming console. You can easily spend over 100+ hours playing both the single and multi-player modes in this game, which means your paying pennies per hour for amazing entertainment.

Rating: 9.5/10

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