Perfect Dark Zero Review

Xbox 360

December 31, 1969 by

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Before I start the review, just know that I had very little experience with the original Perfect Dark. This review is in by no way a comparison with the original game. If anything, it is a comparison to the most recent FPSs I've played, like Halo 2.

The graphics for this game are no less than amazing. They are as perfect as you imagined. You can see the tiny textures like bricks in a house, when water is flowing out of the broken pipe, you can see individual droplets. However, being in the new age of console gaming, I expected no less from this game.

The game felt like your average first person shooter, in my opinion. The biggest difference between this game and say Halo 2 is the auto-aim. Sorry kids, you have to actually aim now. You don't get to sweep every shot across your opponent's head and hope for a headshot. This is a good thing and a bad thing depending on how you look at it. It definitely promotes skill as opposed to luck. When you do get a head shot, which is pretty rare, it is a one-hit kill, with almost any gun, I believe. Body shots, the majority of the shots you will hit, take many shots to hit. This game doesn't use health packs, your health simply regenerates if you are not hit for a period of time. You can, however, pick up shields. A nice feature is the ability to roll on the ground and dodge fire. However, while using this, you take double damage if you are hit.

Besides the fact that the Xbox 360 controller is so small, the controls for this game are pretty good. They seem suited for the game perfectly. Being a 360 game, I was expecting so much more, but if you have good expectations they will be met.

With my experience vs. bots, they seem to have a good AI. They didn't seem to easy which was really nice. Also, the fact that everyone spawns in the same room and gets to choose what weapons he or she wants makes the game so much more balanced. No more will a game be determined if your opponent's team spawns near the Rockets and Sniper and you're left with a Needler.

The campaign is pretty fun. I love the way they incorporate multiple people into it, so when you play co-op it's not just another character; one player mode has two people also. The second is just controlled by the AI. Though fighting over who gets to control Joanna is a hassle. I will not be the black girl next time!

The rating of nine above is really fair. I personally never give out perfect scores unless I am in a good mood or I am joking, so this is as perfect as it gets. I woulds say that if you own Xbox 360, this should be the first game that comes to mind because let's face it, Halo is out yet on 360.

Rating: 9/10

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