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You are thrust into a world that has been torn apart by a clash between the armies of Light and Dark. This world was originally united by ‘The Orb’, which was somehow shattered into two shards, one being Light, one being Dark. The world is now divided and there is much tension and conflict amidst people. You guide each character (one at a time) through their destined path while fighting hordes of enemies. What is each character’s destiny, you may wonder? Jump in and play along, and you’ll find out.

Inphyy is the first controllable character during your many journeys. She is a 17-year old and wields a crimson broadsword. She is fearless and dedicated to justice which isn’t surprising as her father was a soldier of honor in the Dividing War. Other playable characters include: Aspharr the Blue Knight, the Sorceress Tyurru, Myifee the Mercenary, Dwingvatt the Goblin, and a Priest by the name of Klarrann.

The hardware that the video games now run on has improved vastly, allowing near-realistic graphics and a multitude of images and animations onscreen simultaneously. There are countless allies and enemies (along with your given character) that are simultaneously fighting on screen (even during gameplay, not just during prerecorded cut-scenes). It is absolutely amazing to watch this onslaught. You may select who will be guarding you on each side during battles, be it archers, men with spears, or a type of infantry division. This title is graphically appealing and shows vivid colors and images from the character models to the background.

The right control stick allows you to move the camera around changing the view. It is useful to change to get a better view of the enemies depending on where they are located. It works well enough and can be better than having a fixed view.

The fighting abilities that you are given are limited and make this game full of button-mashing to get through the game. Unfortunately, this becomes repetitive and tiresome.
In contrast, some of the special character moves have nice colorful movements along with the weapon reminiscent of Soul Calibur. Additionally, the game doesn’t last as long as some games to get from start to finish. If only the gameplay itself was more varied, Ninety-Night Nights would be more than just a game for a weekend rental.

The sound is fairly sufficient; you can hear characters trampling through the environments. Ninety-Nine Nights also has background music that fits well with the tenseness of the fighting and brutal action.

The amazing graphical display and multitude of on-screen fighting characters adds a lot of eye candy, but all this can’t save the game from being fatally flawed. The lackluster gameplay mechanics, because of their repetitive nature, hurt the replay value of the game and make Ninety-Nine Nights unworthy of a retail purchase until it reaches the bargain bin. Though if you are a fan of 3D-style action-adventure games like the Gauntlet series, Ninety-Nine Nights maybe still be appealing and bring back a little nostalgia (minus the cooperative gameplay).

Rating: 6/10

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