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Kinect Adventures was originally released alongside the Kinect in 2010 and can easily be considered one of the staple games for the interactive device. Kinect Adventures comes bundled with the Kinect system and is to Kinect as Wii Sports is to the Wii.

Kinect Adventures can be summarized as a small collection of games that show players what the Kinect system is capable of, through short, fun challenges that require the full use of your body. In total, there are five different mini-games that utilize the Kinect system in fairly great ways. For example, Reflex Ridge puts your character on a moving platform that passes through different obstacles. You move your body to dodge each obstacle and pass through them by ducking, moving left or right or even jumping. Surprisingly, Kinect Adventures is rather responsive and throughout each mini-game you will notice that your movements will be captured quite well.

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The Jump-In, Jump-Out multiplayer aspect makes Kinect Adventures a perfect party game and the multiplayer is not the only reason why. There is another neat feature that helps build upon that party atmosphere. During each mini-game, the Kinect system will automatically take photos of you, and anyone else in front of the device, during certain key moments. At the end of each game, these photos will be displayed on screen with often-humorous captions. It's exciting to see each photo and it's a really fun social aspect that's rather unique in video games.

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The problem with Kinect Adventures though, is that it doesn't offer very much. It's enjoyable for a while, but it grows tiresome very quickly. After playing each game that Kinect Adventures offers, which isn't very many, you'll notice that there isn't more beyond that.

After playing through certain mini-games, you will unlock 'living statues.' These 'living statues' will allow you to animate them with your physical movements, as well as record your voice. The living statue' will then move as you do and speak as you do. This is slightly humorous, if only for a moment.

Kinect Adventures tries to mask the fact that there are only a few game types by making you play them over again in order to move on. For example, Instead of the game making you complete a level and score a certain amount, it flat out makes you play the game a number of times, in a row. Such as, Complete Space Pop three times to move on.'

Its important to understand that the game comes free with a Kinect system and that you're not going out to purchase Kinect Adventures on its own. Therefore, it's understandable that the game is of less quality than full release games.

Kinect Adventures does a perfect job at being an introductory game into the Kinect device. As a standalone release though, the game features very little, but as a bonus game that comes with your Kinect purchase, it lets you jump straight into the 'Kinect action,' leaving you wanting more from your device and building your imagination of what could possibly be released in the future.

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If you have a Kinect, you will most likely enjoy playing Kinect Adventures, even if it's only for a moment.

Rating: 5.5/10

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