FPS Freek CQC by Kontrol Freek Review

Xbox 360

October 22, 2012 by

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The FPS Freek CQC by Kontrol Freek is an interesting gaming peripheral with competitive console gaming in mind. I took a look at this product and ran it through the gauntlet using a standard Xbox 360 controller (although their website assures that the FPS Freek also fits PS3 controllers and assorted 3rd party devices).

Installation was a simple process, the pair of controller extensions snap neatly onto the analog sticks. Removal is equally easy, and doesn't harm the controller, so you can feel free to change out to other models, or revert back to the regular control sticks as necessary. I could immediately feel the difference. The Kontrol Freek add-ons lengthen the control stick to give a feeling of precision. The CQC model extends around a quarter inch, and has a rubberized convex texture for control. Comparing it to the standard controller, I do miss the concave shape of the traditional controller, but Kontrol Freek does have other models that mimic the Microsoft standard. The add-on itself does feel sturdy and should last a long time even for the most extreme gamer.

FPS Freek CQC by Kontrol Freek Image 1

As I played I tinkered a lot with my sensitivity, and I was able to aim smoother at higher sensitivity levels. Sniping feels like a breeze even as I neared max sensitivity. The extension sits at a comfortable level, even after a couple hour gaming session my hands did not feel fatigued. As a person whose gaming passion is split between PCs and consoles, I was always bothered by the lack of control with a traditional game pad. It seems that Kontrol Freek has found a winning formula for me, and I think others who enjoy PC and console gaming will quickly see what I am talking about.

The Kontrol Freek extensions are not without their weaknesses. The CQC model I looked at extends the perfect amount for me, but people with larger hands may not notice much difference from the stand-alone controller. Also, anyone without large hands may feel that the larger models that seem to double the length of the standard control sticks are unwieldy and are more trouble than they are worth. Even the CQC model might feel a bit large for the younger gamers out there.

An important thing to note: for a product marketed towards "hardcore" and competitive gamers, the product is officially sanctioned by MLG (Major League Gaming). Many other products that would give an edge to would-be competitors are often banned, so it is nice to see Kontrol Freek allowed in the place they can truly shine.

At around eleven dollars for the CQC model, I would definitely encourage any gamer who wants to get more out of their controller to check Kontrol Freeks out, especially anyone tournament minded. While not for everyone, Kontrol Freek's CQC is a solid product and worth attention from enthusiasts.

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