Devil May Cry 4 Review

Xbox 360

February 21, 2010 by

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Have you ever woke up in the middle of the night and said to yourself, Gee, I wish I had a demonic arm so I could dribble demons like basketballs. Well get your party hat on, because Devil May Cry 4 gives you plenty of that hot action.

Sure you dont play Dante, at first, but the new guy Nero is quite awesome by himself. With smooth controls and great animations, you just look good hacking horrible demons to itty, bitty pieces. Nero also introduces new game mechanics. His demonic arm can grab enemies and dribble them into the ground, you can catch ledges and rip yourself up to them and quite frankly, no one wants to get hit with a Hellfist. I thought Id miss Dante but Nero is so much fun I was almost sad when I switched to Dante. He plays similarly to his previous incarnations save that he can switch weapons and styles on the fly. This makes him extremely agile, powerful and even nifty. Add that to the fact that all the experience you get with Nero transfers directly to Dante so when you play as the Legendary Devil Hunter, youre a bad, bad man out of the gates.

As you play through the story missions, youre graded on things such as stylish combos, amount of damage taken and time. Ive gotten very poor grades on time because I was standing around just looking at everything within the environment. The details are mind-boggling. The designers truly took the concept art and instead of dumbing it down, they enhanced what was there in some cases.

The boss-fights are pretty epic and while several of the bosses are re-used this is both nothing new to the DMC series and is quite a bit of fun. The tactics used for fighting a boss as Nero versus Dante are widely different and the comparison of shear awesomeness between the two is also quite unique and fun to play out. Theres the triumphant return of the Bloody Palace; an extra game type that\'s basically survival mode where you move from level to level slaughtering the masses, and you actually get to keep your experience points. Truly, this mode gets bloody as you go on but it\'s usually yours as the hordes of enemies get stronger, more varied and many more numbered as the levels go on.

The story is quite good and the action within the cut-scenes is jaw-dropping. Watching Nero toss a bench at Dante, only to jump just after it, is pretty impressive. Theres humor, action, drama and its all done to great effect.

There must be a bad part to this game though right? To a degree, there is. While the controls for the most part are well-mapped and used there are some tweaks that couldve been implemented. Like the sluggishness of characters. Both Dante and Nero are slow as bricks at times. This could be so that you utilize all of your tricks you have in your bag like dodge-rolling, parrying and attacks that actually move you across the screen but this can get frustrating sometimes. Also, there are some platforming sections of the game where you must jump from one spot to another, typically while being chased by horrible demons. These parts are difficult because it\'s not clear where you\'re going to end up on any jump or if you use your demon arm, with Nero, to pull yourself somewhere.

While Devil May Cry 4 does action, cut-scenes, environments and toss-the-bad-guys-about well it lacks some story elements and in-between battles that could have made the game just that slight bit more enjoyable.

Rating: 8.5/10

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