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“Did you have a dream? A dream where stars were born in the darkness?”

What is The Culdcept? Well… The Culdcept is a extraordinarily powerful book that can control the whole universe. Special cards, almost 500 in all, were created when the Culdcept was shattered by Culdra, the all-powerful goddess. People that could wield the power of the Culdecept within the cards were deemed “Cepters”

Culdcept Saga is the first game in a series from Namco Bandai which is a cross between a board game and a card game, such as Magic the Gathering. The game has been developed by Omiya Soft.

First you create your own personalized character, modifying the name, hairstyle, hair color, and skin color. This boy that you conrol had lost his parents at a particularly young age and was raised by his aunt and uncle. You find out that he is a Cepter and start to utilize the cards. Other characters will be met along your travels. Faustina is the Queen of the Advatar Empire who seeks the Cepter who would save the world, but her cards lead her to a boy (controlled by you). There is a lawless girl, Rilara, who seeks greater power by stealing cards from other Cepters. The Dark Priest Sapphius is a warmonger who seeks to gain pieces of the Culdcept from various Cepters who serve him.

Initially a die is rolled to see how many spaces to move. You may then purchase the square you land on and charge rent (or end up fighting the opponent if they land there). This is reminiscent of Monopoly except for the monsters and creatures involved. Creatures can be summoned upon lands. These creatures can have attributes from fire to water, air, earth, or a multitude of those. You may pick a card that you have and use a spell. (Note: You may only hold up to six cards at one time.) You alternate turns with the opponent(s). The overall object of the game is to end up possessing a certain amount of magic power as well as reaching the Castle before any other player. During load screens you can read up on gameplay tips and suggestions to help master the Culdcept. The game can be saved and resumed should you find it necessary to interrupt gameplay.

The online play allows you to compete against a plethora of other people, 3 others at a time. A card collection that you have made is selected to go against what the others have. This almost takes the place of playing a board/card game with someone in person in the real world. There are ranked matches and unranked matches to compete in as well as a leaderboard to check your standing against other Cepters.

Culdcept Saga has an Anime feel to the graphics. This gives the game a sort of artistic feel, which fits this type of game. This is a unique amalgam of things, a board game and a collectable card game, which creates an engaging role-playing video game. Culdcept Saga is most likely to be appreciated by the younger crowd and also those that would enjoy the nostalgia of a game reminiscent of Magic the Gathering. If this sounds like a fascinating blend of characteristics in a video game, be sure to check out Culdcept Saga and become what you are destined to be, a Cepter.

Rating: 7.5/10

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