Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Review

Xbox 360

November 16, 2009 by

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Oh yes, its back. Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 (MW2) has finally arrived, and if its going to live up to the hype, it better be, well, the second coming. Where to begin? Well, MW2 has three modes to enjoy: Campaign, Multiplayer, and the all new SpecOps.
If you played the campaign mode of the original Modern Warfare, the game play will seem very familiar. Infinity Ward took the great feel of Modern Warfare, inserted a plethora of locations and a compelling (and much more graphic) story behind all the running and shooting, and came out with an improved (but not any longer) campaign. Thats right, the campaign ends just as quickly as the previous game leaving hungry for just a little more, especially with all the new weapons and attachments to try. Though it has proved quite controversial, the terrorism-based story featuring some U.S. cities as battlefields definitely hits home; but, for those who can separate fantasy from reality, it will only further immerse you in the story behind the campaign mode of MW2. All in all, you cant fault the campaign; we all asked Infinity Ward to improve on perfection, and they definitely did.
Next up, SpecOps, my personal favorite game mode. Challenge your own skills, or challenge your friends in the all new cooperative game play mode. Find a friend because SpecOps places you and a teammate in a variety of scenarios that will test your ability to defend your position, sneak past enemy patrols, fight your way through a stronghold of enemy infantry, and much much more! Completing missions rewards you stars which will then unlock new, slightly more difficult challenges, and yes, there are a lot of them. Try the challenges on hardened or veteran difficulty, and try to set a new high score or best time. If you still dont understand, do you remember that short mission at the end of the original Modern Warfare? Where youre forced to skillfully fight your way through a jet liner and rescue a V.I.P. before time runs out? Well, if you played that mission, imagine playing it with a friend watching your back. SpecOps is a hugely entertaining, challenging game mode that adds hours of single-player gameplay to Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2.
Ive saved the best for last, and that is the multiplayer. MW2 offers split screen multiplayer, but the real highlight is the online play, and it is outstanding! To address a few concerns, many players of the original game thought that all the new weapons, attachments, and perks would be overwhelming. This is true and false. For players new to online gameplay, there is definitely a big learning curve. For experienced players, youll quickly recognize some of the same old weapons that you know and love with a new look and a new name. Youll also quickly settle in to a class (or a couple if you like variety) that manage to feel familiar yet, fresh featuring some attachments no one could have imagined in the old modern warfare. The game offers silenced snipers and shotguns, thermal scopes that allow you to see clearly through smoke, and a heartbeat sensor that can detect enemies through walls. When you first begin leveling up, youll be swamped with the all new emblems and titles. Not to worry! Though these rewards are completely irrelevant to your gameplay experience, they provide a surprisingly gratifying sense of accomplishment and allow you to personalize your gamertag with your latest or rarest awards. Sorry to sound redundant, but there is nothing to complain about in MW2s multiplayer.
If you havent picked up on it yet, then heres a little hint, this game is incredible! A brand new co-op mode added to a solid, moving campaign, all on top of one of the worlds greatest FPS multiplayer experiences makes Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 a game for the ages and a must have for all fans of the genre.

Rating: 9.9/10

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