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Move over Gears of War - there is a new shooter in town.

After years of development, BioShock comes from 2K Australia and 2K Boston and makes use of Unreal Technology to assist in the realism the game displays. When you first start the game the main character is seen in an airplane that, minutes later, crashes into the Atlantic. Somehow you are still alive and struggle to swim up to the surface while dodging debris. Fortunately for you, you make it to the surface and breathe fresh air, though probably filled with smoke from the crash. Once on the surface you are put into control of moving your character around and make your way to safety. You’ll eventually end up in an underwater world known as Rapture. There is a historic feel to the game, with signs, video, posters, and environments that mimic time of the past. It seems to be the late 50s, but things are very different from our world.

The lighting and water effects in the game are exceptionally realistic. You may see a light flickering in the distance and then eventually burn out as you near it. At other times, for instance, a large object may be coming toward you in the class walkway and crash through, letting copious amounts of water come through. This is all happening while you are trying to make your way forward. Don’t give up!

Non-biological friends and foes can be found as well. Some bots that you will find along the way can be hacked and used to your advantage to help protect yourself against enemy fire and other attack. To hack it you end up playing a sort of mini-game (ala Pipe Dream) where you make sure the pipe is lined up correctly to get the fluid to the endpoint without it leaking – a classic. This can become a nice temporary diversion from the main action in the game.

Watch out for the Big Daddy who protects the Little Sister. The Little Sister has ADAM, which can be useful along the way. So some provocations may come about that are necessary to acquire needed ADAM. ADAM can be used to splice Plasmids and Gene Tonics and integrated into you, thus becoming genetically enhanced. Being genetically enhanced has its advantages when fighting enemies. You could use your lightning that comes out of your left arm to take out some enemies in the now electrified water. You could also use the wrench to whack your enemies to death or switch to other weapons and guns that you will come across throughout your journey. Vita Chambers bring you back to life with some health – not back to full health, mind you. You go back to the closest one you’ve been to and exit the vertical tube to go about your business as usual.

BioShock is the most unique and innovative first-person shooter on the Xbox 360 and rises above to reinvent the genre! It is enthralling and will keep your hands to the controller until the very end. If you have an Xbox 360 and are mature enough, make sure you play BioShock.

Rating: 9.5/10

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