Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Review

Xbox 360

April 29, 2010 by

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To be frank, its taken me a long time to write this review mostly because I cant put this game down. 200+ hours later, all of the unlocks and several instances of killing people with random weapons heres my review of Battlefield: Bad Company 2.

To start, if you like Competitive First Person shooters, playing them online and getting a team going stop reading this review! Just go buy the game from or something, youll love it. If youre still skeptical; read on!

The campaign mode is great fun, epic and has some of the humor that made the first one so great. Other than this, I dont want to spoil it for you. Multiplayer however, is where well be focusing our attentions on (of which, most of this goes for single player as well in regards to sound/graphics etc.). The graphics are much better than those of comparable shooters; there are beautiful backdrops, realistic environments, details down the fabric patterns on a soldiers helmet and his wear upon it. Details so minute that youd have to stop the game to see them. The audio is, in a word, ridiculous. If you have headphones on, and even through some TVs, you can hear the rebound of an explosion across the map, the footsteps of someone behind you and perfectly distinguish which direction all of this is happening in (thank you Dolby).

What makes multiplayer so great is the addition of dedicated servers. This means, in a word, little to no cheaters. Setting up multiplayer like this ensures that no one is host, there is little to no network manipulation and everyone gets a fair game which is a massive, world-shaking difference from games like Halo 3 and Modern Warfare 2. As you progress through match after match, you unlock new weapons, upgrade and gadgets for your four classes (Assault, Medic, Engineer and Recon) each of which has their own unique ability that they bring to a field. Needless to say, a well balanced team is much more deadly than a squad of four medics.

All of your environments are destructible if youre tired of a squad of enemies holed up in a building, you can bring the building down around their ears. You can blow holes in walls, strategically place gaps in cover and generally cause mayhem as you should chose. As you play multiplayer, you can become part of a squad of up to four members and should you be shot down, you can appear on the map randomly or next to your squad mates. They have your standard Squad deathmatch with four teams of four against each other, Rush where the attacking team tries to arm bombs on up to six different stations against a defending team (up to 12 on 12 here), squad rush same as before, though only four on four, and Conquest where two teams of twelve vie for three territories across a massively huge map.

Each mode is intense in its own way and it is possible, when you join a game late, to bring your team back into winning standings if you fight hard enough. Just because you have an advantage, doesnt mean you can relax in BC2 multiplayer, pretty much at any point. Honestly, my only problems with this game are the seemingly experimental physics and the levels/modes of play.

When you attempt to knife someone in order to add their dogtags to your ever growing collection (which is just fun to have really) sometimes the physics get weird. Your knife just doesnt feel dependable most of the time. While you can make it work, it takes getting shot a few times to figure out how exactly it functions. Also, when you play a lot of video games, the modes and levels can get tiresome. However, this is well over the hundred hour mark after running through each mode.

Also, theres a lot of talk of BC2 being the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 killer. Modern Warfare 2 was a great time until the cheaters took hold of it however when compared to Bad Company 2, its multiplayer feels flat and unrealistic. While Im inclined to think that killer is a strong word, BC2 does well to earn its place as a game you can spend a lot of time on and still have fun.

Good graphics, sound that will knock you over, destructible environments and dedicated servers all serve to give BC2 a higher rank than I wouldve originally deemed appropriate.

Rating: 9.5/10

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