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July 21, 2008 by

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The Wii has been a huge hit with its interactive sports games. Hudson Entertainment gets in on the action with Deca Sports for the Wii. With Badminton, Beach Volleyball, Super Cross, Basketball, Archery, Soccer, Snowboarding, Figure Skating, Kart Racing, and (of all things) Curling, Deca Sports covers athletic events from the mainstream to the obscure. Using original adaptations of the sports for gameplay, the games are all different in the movements used to play them, keeping the game interesting. And with such varied sports, the strategies used change from sport to sport as well.

Many of the games included in Deca Sports are team sports. The game provides teams consisting of different combinations of small fast members, large powerful members, and average well-rounded members. The different combinations of team members allow the player to formulate his or her strategy around the personnel on the team they select.

Deca Sports provides four modes for single-player gaming. There is the option to play one game with the settings of your choice against one of three levels of difficulty in the Open Match mode. In Tournament mode you select your team and sport and play your way through a bracket-style tournament. Each round your opponent gets tougher as you try to become the tournament champion. The Deca Challenge is a mini-game mode where you select a sport and race the clock to set a high score for that particular challenge whether it be scoring goals consecutively or completing a time trial. Perhaps the most interesting single-player mode in Deca Sports is the Deca League mode. In this mode you select one team and play all ten sports against three other teams. After each sport points are awarded according to your team’s success, and after all ten sports the team that has accumulated the most points emerges the winner. Players are forced to start on the Rookie League level and must complete it to unlock the next difficulty.

The Tournament, Deca League, and Deca Challenge award trophies when beaten that become visible in the trophy room which provides the only sense of purpose to the single-player modes. The highlight of Deca Sports is most certainly the multiplayer.

In the multiplayer arena, Deca Sports provides a well-rounded party experience. Short games, such Kart Racing, along with longer events, such as Curling, give players the opportunity to pick up and play in any situation. With a mixture of 2-4 human players and computers, the game gives challenging competition that is not oppressively difficult. Players can play on the same team or against each other, giving many options for head-to-head play.

While the gameplay doesn’t get boring, the music does. After a short time playing, the redundant loop of audio almost forces the player to mute the TV. However, with the music being the only downfall of Deca Sports, this game is sure to entertain either singly or with a group of friends. The creative adaptation of these ten sports to the Wii keeps the game play varied for each different sport, and the sheer competitiveness of the games makes the game great fun for a group, earning Deca Sports a 7.4 out of 10.

Rating: 7.4/10

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