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The world around them is falling apart and decaying. Filgaia once used to be a thriving and productive world, but now there is war over the limited resources that are left on the planet. The kingdom of Elesius is having trouble with the governing body as the king is quite ill for some strange reason. Clarissa Arwin is trying to search for the man who did the heinous act of killing her mother and get vengeance. She also obtains the help of her half-brother, Felis, in addition to a variety of others along the journey. Clarissa’s mother had a sword that had special powers, which was also stolen… The story is completely fresh and intriguing.

Wild ARMs XF, Pronounced “Crossfire”; this is Xseed’s first portable game of the Wild ARMs series. With the portable version of the game come some notable changes. The exquisite cut-scenes are sorely missed and have been replaced with still-style images that are anime-esque. Some sections have very crisp voice-acting, while the majority is simply subtitled. There are load times with the game being in the UMD format for the PSP, but it makes up for it by having a cool loading animation of a character walking next to a dog. The game is based in a 2-dimensional world reminiscent of classic games such as Final Fantasy.

With Clarissa as your central character, you will come across others to help your cause. Labyrinthia brings magic to the table, while Levin is best for attacking enemies before they realize they’ve even been attacked. And Ragnar claims to be ‘prepared for anything’. Clarissa’s ability is to attack in a straight line and regardless of the distance between enemies she can still attack that way.

When fighting you play similarly to Wild ARMs 4 or Wild ARMs 5, as the HEX battle system returns on the portable device. Fans of the series will fit right in with the gameplay and be able to start a new journey into XF in a familiar way. Newcomers shouldn’t be deterred as the battle system can be learned as well and makes that series stand out a bit from other strategy role-playing games. The beginning of the game starts off with a tutorial for novices to get the hang of things. There are numerous character classes that can be customized such as Berserker, Excavator, Gadgeteer, or Elementalist.

The music can be listened to at any time from the main menu, which is a nice addition. You don’t even have to beat the game beforehand. So if you come to a tune you really like you can enjoy it. This compilation of music has been created by the people behind the music of the previous two console games in the series.

Xseed Games has made a respectable transition from compiling a game on the PlayStation 2 to bringing it in miniature form to the PSP. The strategic gameplay is deep, and perhaps too deep for some. Fans of the series should enjoy this version quite well, but newcomers may consider a rental before taking the plunge.

Rating: 7/10

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