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Prinnies have been strewn through various games from Nippon Ichi Software (NIS), including the Disgaea series. Now Prinny has his own spin-off and his own game. "Dood!"

As a prinny you are scouring the Netherworld for a an Ultra Dessert to appease the Demon Lord, Etna. Apparently one of the other prinnies was stupid enough to consume Etna's Ultra Dessert. Etna has given one Prinny a magical scarf that will keep him from exploding, or at least initially. This allows the prinnies to go in search of the pieces for another ultra dessert throughout the realms. When it becomes night, the demons come out and take over the land, some of which were formerly living creatures.

You are given 1000 prinnies to use throughout the game because of the difficulty. There are two difficulty settings. One is for casual gamers while the other is for hardcore gamers. The latter gives you one chance with each prinny instead of three.

Prinny: Can I Really be the Hero? utilizes the D-pad and not the control stick. This is more familiar for those that are used to playing classic platformers. The controls are easily picked up at the beginning. The enemies are uniquely designed and are primarily food-inspired, resembling things such as apples or cobs of corn. The bosses at the end of each stage offer more of a challenge, though you can pound on them to temporarily incapacitate them. Then you can inflict more damage.

The stages consist of six basic sections, each with its own boss. They span from a grassy knoll to a watchtower, to a floating casino. As the day progresses and turns to night, the stages and bosses become all the more difficult. There are various temporary save points along the way. Make sure to save once you happen upon them. On the stage select screen is an orb that allows you to save your progress to the memory card. An auto-save feature would have been more desirable, but this suffices.

The move-set is sufficient and doesn't take too long to pick up. The first part of the game allows you to get accustomed to using the controls and slowly introduces more moves. Prinnies can walk, spin, pound and slash enemies. These various methods are used while trying to destroy or evade the numerous enemies. The visually cool slash attack can be used while in the air, changing the camera angle allowing a different perspective on the upcoming baddies that you are vanquishing. Bombs are stashed in some spots in the levels allowing you to throw them at your foes. There are also vehicles including a tank. The tank is big and bulky but good for taking out tough enemies even though you only get it for a short period of time. You can even opt to have your Prinny self-destruct; while this is cool to perform it doesn't really give you any particular advantage.

Prinny brings the fun and energy of a game like Kirby to the PSP. Don't overlook this game if you enjoy the occasional platformer and own a PSP.

Rating: 8/10

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