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August 11, 2007 by

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trying to woo Sunny for himself. Although the storyline really isnt all that significant to the gameplay, the lighthearted and somewhat humorous storyline offers a nice refresher in-between the intense button-pushing rhythm rapping.

PaRappa the Rappers gameplay is rhythm-based. That is, the gameplay is centralized around music, in which you must push a series of button combinations as indicated in time with the beat. On normal difficulty, the game can be quite stringent on the timing of your push of the button, with bare milliseconds deciding whether you nailed it or missed it. This is what will cause many to instantly switch the game off and throw it aside, as it can become annoying very quickly when youre forced to play through the same stage time and time again due to missing a few beats. Once mastered, the game plays well, and there is a limiting easy mode for those trying to get a hang of the game.

As mentioned earlier, it doesnt take long to play through the six available stages. You can, however, download additional stages, however these are mostly remixed versions of existing ones and dont offer any real additional gameplay. A tacked-on multiplayer mode offers barely any additional life, as it only compares who can get the highest score on each stage. Of course, you can always play back through the stages, freestyling to gain the cool rapping rank on each level, however theres no real incentive to do so.

As mentioned earlier, the games artistic flair is of a light-hearted basing, making use of colourful environments and imagery that are all simply detailed, yet effective with the developers intentions. The characters are completely 2D paper-thin, as are most of the environments. Given the nature of the game, this presentation style works well, further strengthened with its almost childish music style.

Apart from its refreshingly designed 2D premise, PaRappa the Rapper doesnt offer an experience that warrants a $50 purchase. Youll breeze through the entire game almost within a blink of an eye, and you can only replay through the same six stages so many times. Sony should have added plenty of more content before releasing a decade old game on the PSP.

Rating: 5.8/10

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