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Disgaea 2: Dark Hero Days is the PSP port of the PS2 version of the game. This game is the sequel to the 2003 game, Disgaea: Hour of Darkness for the PlayStation. The series originates from the Japanese game developer Nippon Ichi. Dark Hero Days was released on September 8th in North America, preceded by its Japanese release in March. In this time NIS America has brought this portable port to the Western shores. Now as you may be wondering, what is the game about?

The land of Veldime was cursed by the powerful Overlord Zenon. The population of Veldime has become demons except for the boy Adell. Adell is on a mission to defeat the Overlord and his mother attempts to summon the overlord. Instead of Lord Zenon being summoned, his daughter Rozalin is summoned. Now they are on a journey to find Zenon and fight many foes along the way. Adell plans to return the princess to her place and overtake the overlord. He picks up friends and allies along the way to help with the strategic fighting that ensues.

The fight sequences allow the player to set up the attacks and strategize with the available characters before the round and then execute the fighting. Then the player lets the foes have their chance to attack. Attacks can be coordinated where two characters work together to inflict more damage on the enemies. Each available character that the player has access to is allowed an opportunity to attack enemies if they are within range, before receiving their retaliation. You can also create your own characters, making your own custom apprentice.

As usual, if all of your characters are defeated while in battle, the game is over. Luckily you can return to town and heal your teammates that have sustained damage during battle.

There are weapons, armor, and other items for each character. The plentiful array of items range from mint gum to swords to guns.

When you first travel the town and get where the action is, you get to test out battle, to get used to the fighting system, if it's new to you. Prinnies also return in this Disgaea title, after making a starring role in their own PSP game. They aren't the lead characters in this game though, they fall more into the background. The Prinnies do happen to be the first ones to attack you.

Opening cinematic is very well done with anime-syle graphics and voice-overs. Overall, the graphics in the game are impressive for a PSP game. The sprites are unique and appealing, and many stationary characters look a bit demonic due to the status of the land of Veldime.

The battles can take one of infinite different ways to play out depending on what you decide to do. This keeps the gameplay for Disgaea 2 fun and helps it not to be as repetitive as a game such as this could be.

Those familiar with the Disgaea series will be happy with this ported PS2 game; as well, people who are looking for an entertaining and deep strategic role-playing game will have fun with this gem from NIS America.

Rating: 8.0/10

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