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April 17, 2012 by

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Not Quite Reality

Reality Fighters seems like one of those concepts that might be okay. It's one of those games that probably shouldn't have been made until it was ready to think more about the technology it was using and put more thought into gameplay, but AR waits for no man and Reality Fighters takes it by the horns and tries to tame the wild beast that it is.

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Reality Fighters is an attempt to bring AR into a fully functional game. You'll snap a photo of your face (or dog's face, or friends face, or what have you) and you'll design your avatar, then place the fighting match on whatever table, countertop, dashboard or toilet you see fit to use your Vita's AR capability on. While AR cards aren't required, they do help in getting Reality Fighters to work better. In the end, it's actually quite easy to set up the matches and get them running wherever you end up.

Unfortunately for all that is promised, Reality Fighters barely delivers. With a large selection of customizable options for your fighters, it all seems pretty archaic and silly. Even if you want to make an all out serious character, there aren't many cool looking details or things to add, in fact, for how many options Realty Fighters presents in customization - it all somehow seems fairly limiting.

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As a fighting game, Reality Fighters is laughable to any serious fighting came aficionado. Combos lack, along with any serious fighting game mechanics. This is a seriously underdeveloped fighter. The AR and customization aspects of Reality Fighters are no saving graces for such a plain Jane fighting game. It will remind you of the mid 90's era when these fighting games were being cranked out in grindhouse fashion, one right after another.

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Mr. Miyagi (yes, THAT Mr. Miyagi) helps guide and train you in the story mode, but he's insanely useless as a sensei. This is because he doesn't really do any sort of training'. Mostly he just provides ridiculous narration which attempts to string together the bunch of nonsense this game is.

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Reality fighters is great at making you ask the question "why did I buy this game" - because really, it's fun to play around with for about a day or two, then you'll quickly find yourself never feeling the need to touch it again. It's not meant to be a serious game in any way, but there is just too little variety here to feel entertained. At least, for the most part, the AR works better than you might think it would with only a few glitches here and there.

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Lackluster graphics and spotty gameplay don't help Reality Fighters case much either. Training mode, survival mode and time attack mode all offer something as far as additional content, but the meat of the game is really playing with the AR until you get bored. You'll probably hardly end up touching the other modes unless you are really trying to squeeze out everything Reality Fighters has to offer. This is all a bit sad because AR has a lot of potential, and I can't really blame Reality Fighters for not being the blow-me-away AR game I've been waiting for. Both AR and motion controls are still in the baby and toddler phases of development. We are in an era of experimentation with new controls and inputs, and many of these kinds of games come across as weak or gimmicky. Hopefully one day we will have a Reality Fighters that is truly great, but until then, we're stuck with this convoluted, hot mess of a game that will provide about a day's worth of entertainment.

Rating: 4.0/10

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