Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising Review

PlayStation 3

February 11, 2010 by

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The single player campaign missions can be very long and time consuming, especially when you are thirty (30) minutes into a mission, catch a stray bullet and are killed. Then you must restart the mission, but dont plan on everything going the same way, because the enemy responds differently according to the way you play. On the normal difficulty setting the missions can be a bear, but there are many checkpoints and when the enemy fires at you can see where they are at on your mini-map, you can also keep tabs on your squads health condition and if a member of your squad bites the bullet (gets killed), they will re-spawn at a checkpoint. If you decide to up the ante and play at the harder level, you lose the indicator that shows where the enemy is at, making it much harder because you must try and spot the muzzle flash of the enemys weapon to see where they are at. You also lose the ability to keep tabs on your squads health on the screen, and this causes you to manually check each squad members health to ensure that they are able to continue the mission.

The game is not perfect, it has flaws like any other game, but these flaws can cause you to get so frustrated that you want to throw your controller across the room. Some of these flaws can be as minor as the members of your squad not taking a correct defensive position and getting killed, crossing across your line of fire (while you are shooting at the enemy) therefore killing a member of your squad or the worst thing is in multiplayer when you are shooting the enemy and no hits are registering, or when you pull your scoped rifle to your shoulder to put the enemy in your crosshairs and shoot him but there is nothing there, what I mean about nothing being there is that you cant see through your scope, it is miss aligned. Most of the time a simple reload of the weapon will fix the last two (2) problems, and sometimes you need to exit the multiplayer game and reload.

The one major thing that I didnt like about the single player campaign is that you cannot pick the weapon of your choice. To solve this problem I just kill the sniper that is in my squad and take his rifle, and then I get to the next checkpoint and he re-spawns to join the squad, is this a cheap tactic, yes, but for me it made the game a little easier and a lot more fun.

Overall I was quite thrilled with the game play and design, it was quite realistic. Enemies that are one-hundred (100) or two-hundred (200) yards away pose a significant risk to the well being of you and your squad. The map is wide-open; you can walk or drive anywhere on the map that you want to go. You can choose to take any way to the objective that you want; you can make on the fly decisions about movement and tactics, but be ready to deal with the consequences of making a poor decision. The one thing that I truly enjoyed was the fact that when the using the sniper rifle and shooting targets at distance, over four-hundred (400) yards, you have to use the mil dots that are incorporated into the crosshairs to compensate for bullet drop. This game is way more than I had expected. I was expecting the usual first person shooter experience; get in game, run to the action and start running and gunning, but as I found out this cannot be done successfully in this game. Dragon Rising requires patience, tactically planned movement with fire and support, and I LOVE IT! If you want a fun game that will challenge you and you can replay it over and over again, then I suggest that you give this one a try.

Rating: 8.0/10

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