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PlayStation 3

August 9, 2010 by

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Daredevils. Admired by many yet equally regarded as crazy individuals who have a penchant for risking their lives for the sake of fame and grandeur, they endeavor endlessly to put on a show for their adoring public. Joe Danger is one such daredevil and he together with his motorbike will put on a spectacular show for you in the self-titled game Joe Danger, released on PSN in early July.

The game can only be obtained digitally via PSN and comes with a 9.99 price tag that may seem dear for a digital download but when you see what you get for the price you will be pleasantly surprised. Players can choose stages that allow Joe to perform trick displays, collect stars and meet certain goals in order to progress to the next stage. Although this may seem fairly straightforward in the games execution, in Joe Danger the challenge comes from utilizing the in-game controls to pull off the many tricks and stunts Joe can perform on his bike. These are necessary for the player to collect items on stages and also allow Joe to progress to the next level of the game. Players can also have pull wheelies on Joes motorbike which if sustained will allow him to rebuild his boost gauge. This will allow Joe to boost off of ramps, get a little extra air and either pick up previously unobtainable bonuses or pull off extra stunts to rack up big points. All in all there is a challenging game under what initially seems to be a simple arcade style play around with one daredevil and his motorbike yet at the same time Joe Danger has lots of fun to offer the intrigued gamer and will make them feel that their 9.99 is money well spent.

Charm is a quality that Joe Danger has running through it and this comes through in the games graphics as well. Done in an exaggerated cartoon-like style, it fits the world of Joe Danger perfectly and brings out the arcade-pleasant nature that the title has in spades. The soundtrack has a very uplifting feel to it and accompanies the game suitably with its mix of bossa nova, jazz band and funk-style tunes all in one package. The sound effects are as expected with the revs, boosts and squeaks of Joes motorbike coming across as they should together with the bleeps, triumphant ker-chings an riotous cheers erupting when Joe pulls off a trick combo on his bike for the crowd.

Although the single player aspect of the game is a joy to play the multiplayer aspect of Joe Danger has lots to offer the avid gamer as well. Here players can race against each other, compete in trick demonstrations and attempt to outscore their opponents or beat them to the finishing line with hardly anything between first and second place. The game also includes Leaderboards which will encourage players to keep on pushing to get the best stage times and claim the top spot in the world standings.

Despite being a highly enjoyable title to play there are a few dangerous elements that make Joe Danger less than stellar. The arcade-style gameplay on offer could be too fleeting for those who may be expecting a deeper gameplay experience. Players may also be put off by having to restart from the last checkpoint everytime they wipeout from a trick attempt and may not have the tolerance to progress further through the game as a result.

Detractions aside, Joe Danger will offer you a hell of a lot of fun for a downloadable PSN game. To say that this could have been released as a full-price retail game it is refreshing that Hello Games have opted for a digital release and a reasonable price point instead. Together with the pick up and play nature of the game and the reasonable learning curve it really feels that you cant go wrong with having Joe Danger on your hard drive. Comes thoroughly recommended and give it a go, I dare you!

Rating: 8.0/10

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