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"It's not the end of the world... but you can see it from here."

From developer Eidos Montreal and publisher Square Enix comes the third game in the Deus Ex franchise, Deus Ex: Human Revolution. It is 2027 and a portion of the population are augmented with bio-mechanical enhancements. There are purists that are starkly opposed to these enhancements and Serif Industries is the industry-leader in augmentation. Thus the story begins of Adam Jensen who leads the company's security force and must fight the backlash against his employer. Jensen is thrust into the action at the corporation building when the purists attack. He starts off in a futuristic Detroit and also explores other locales as the story progresses, taking place years before the original Deus Ex.

The game takes on some of the key elements of other successful game franchises. Human Revolution brings back fond memories of Perfect Dark years ago on the Nintendo 64. It reminds me of the attributes of the epic shooter and its style in single-player mode. The background music also harkens back to a game like Perfect Dark. Some of the side-quests are reminiscent of Shenmue for the Dreamcast because Jensen, at times, must go around the city gathering clues.

Human Revolution is primarily stealth based, like Rainbow Six, as you can't just go in running and shoot at enemies or you will not last but a few moments. You can hide behind walls, boxes, and other items to surprise your enemies and take them down. This duck-and-cover system is fluid and well thought out.

It is apparent that the development team spent a lot of time working on all the little details. The Serif building is grand and filled with many rooms and floors. They have placed computers that you can access, documents that you can pick up, and restrooms that can be used. There are many non-playing characters that may be approached and talked to. In the futuristic Detroit there are numerous billboards, pieces of trash and debris around the town. The debris can even blow in the wind. And there are even homeless folk and ladies of the night. The hacking system also adds another element to the gameplay to keep things fresh. The player has to hack the system within a certain time frame and without being detected. The player can also upgrade specific augmentations that Jansen has to give him an edge over his opponents.

There are also new and exciting features contained within this new Deus Ex. Human Revolution is innovative in its dialog system, where the player chooses how to handle different situations which affect the outcome of the gameplay. The player is given a selection of choices to say to the other character and decides if they want to emphathize, scold, sympathize and the other character will act in response. Some choices may either improve or hinder the situation.

The game is dynamic and also includes a section where you search for clues to the break-ins at the Serif Industries and figure out what is really going on and who has it out for you. In between the missions you can also pick up side quests to complete.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution delivers a truly rich experience that captivates throughout with its revolutionary gameplay mechanics, open-ended design, stunning graphics, and great sound. Furthermore, Human revolution captures the gamer with great music, a captivating story, amazing CG sequences, and enthralling gameplay. These attributes combined make Human Revolution a must-buy.

Let the revolution begin!

Rating: 9.0/10

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