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March 10, 2012 by

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Now, I'm not the biggest fan of the horror genre, but I can at least tell a bad game when I play one, and Amy just happens to be it. A survivor horror game developed by VectorCell, Amy follows Lana and the titular little girl just as they escape from "the center." After surviving a crash which releases some sort of disease into the town turning people into monsters, Lana searches for Amy and discovers her unique powers as they attempt to leave the town in one piece.

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Unfortunately, what could have been an interesting horror game is completely ruined by the lack of good quality in all departments, from story to gameplay. From the get go, Amy stumbles trying to get things right. Characters are introduced with expressionless faces and give very little reason for you to care about them. The narrative is implied and gives you little in the way of information in order to figure it out. Dialogues between characters are notoriously bad at times and the voice acting behind it isn't that much better. Lighting in this game is terrible; rather than strengthening the mood, it becomes an annoyance as you often times can't even tell where you're going or if the next area is a wall or a hallway you can go through. Environments have the stock horror look, are poorly designed and are even more frustrating to navigate. And for some reason the game just loves to give close-ups to Amy's face for no reason whatsoever.

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Just when you thought the boring mood, terrible voice acting, and nonexistent story were the worst part of Amy, you then come across the gameplay. Despite being a horror, expect to do a lot head bashing with a stick in this game. Also expect to miss a lot, as the collision detection is a hit and miss (no pun intended) especially in the later levels. At times you will be invincible crushing your opponents with your trusty bar, at other times you will completely helpless as your weapon harmlessly passes through the enemy. Pray that you aimed correctly too, as the controls are clumsy and won't respond at times. What could make this worse? How about being forced to guard Amy through big chunks of the game and watch as she gets stuck or doesn't move without your character holding hands? No? How about repetitive gameplay where you do the same thing, solve the same puzzles, and bash the same heads over and over again? Then maybe the terrible checkpoint system, which sets you pretty far from where you died and forces you to repeat a few puzzles before getting back. Or maybe even the endless amount of searching you'll have to do to find shots to keep your health up or maintain your weapon.

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I can continue on about the downsides and faults of Amy for another page, but long story short, this game has very little if anything going for it. It's not fun or interesting or even worth a rent. I can't believe I wasted as much time as I did playing this game, and hopefully you won't make that mistake too.

Rating: 3.0/10

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