3D Dot Game Heroes Review

PlayStation 3

July 1, 2010 by

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Let us not be fooled by the fact that this game is in a 3D perspective nor that it is on the PS3. The truth is you have played this game before possibly many times. 3D Dot Game Heroes is essentially a 3D perspective Legend of Zelda, but most reviews get it wrong by stating it's going back to the 8-bit era and I disagree. This game is clearly a love letter to the Legend of Zelda series that is not up for contestation. However, the game favors 16-bit classic Link to the Past more so than the original Zelda. The Dungeons look more original Zelda than the rest of the game, but they are multi leveled as were the Link to the Past dungeons.

All in all, Link to the Past is preferred here as this game truly is a link to the past of gaming. This game while having a beautiful visual quality is mostly sustained by its amazing gameplay and fun story as were the games of old. The games of today have swapped depth for glamor and as such games such as 3D Dot Game Heroes will still be overlooked because they aren't as 'pretty'. A game like this can truly strike a chord with hardcore and casual gamers alike. I mean....who doesn't like Zelda?

3D Dot Game Heroes also allows a level of customization to an RPG/Platform character like no other. At the beginning of the game and after every load of your save, you can change your character. The game itself has a large list of characters or "Hall of Heroes" to choose from or you can create your own from the ground up using different colored dots. How awesome is this? Super awesome would be the correct answer, especially when you have the ability to load your creation online for other people to use in Atlus' online "Hall of Heroes." You can quite literally be anything you can imagine if you have the patience to create it or download it.

The music in this game is delightfully uplifting and inspirational. At 2 a.m., the music will keep you pumped looking for that next orb or helping you defeat that blasted dragon through one bloodshot eye. That brings me to the next point. This game is addictive. I am not going to lie to you when I got my copy I played through it almost in a night. That is not to say the game is short as it runs about 10 hours or so depending on how much of the exploration of the map and event finding you take part in. The point of that statement was to say I am a fan of 3D Dot Game Heroes and I loved every second of it and could not wait for the next. Thus, I played through in near one night. Don't judge me. I implore you to go check this game out for yourself. The future of gaming depends on us (the gamers) demanding fun and depth from our developers and by supporting this game you are supporting both.

If I hoped to accomplish one thing in this review, it was to persuade you to show support for a game from a relatively unknown company so that we might be lucky enough to get another one like it. Yes, I know you know the name Atlus as they are an awesome company. However, before this game did you know the name Silicon Studio? I sure didn't, but now I am and will be on the lookout for the next game from this company as all signs point to awesome in their future. 3D Dot Game Heroes is not original, but it is so much fun you won't care.

Rating: 8.0/10

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