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Jude Maverick lives in a village called Ciel, which is entirely enclosed in a giant sphere that is floating high above the surface of Filgaia. Jude sees the sky 'tear' as ships enter his land of residence. While investigating the campsite of the invaders, he encounters a girl named Yulie, who has been captured. Jude has never seen a girl before. He helps her to escape. They team up with a couple of other teenagers, Arnauld and Raquel, to find out what the invaders' intentions are. Jude finds out that he exerts tremendous power when he accidentally activates the ARM. He realizes that he is a 'Gene Driver'.


Wild Arms 4 offers an artistic art style. There are cut-scenes that are in 3D and have voice-overs that are well done. In addition, there are dialogs that occur between characters, which are illustrations that change along with text. The camera is usually in a fixed position. The graphics in the game are the best in the series, thus far.


If you are new to the RPG (Role Playing Game) genre, Wild Arms 4 will ease you into it.

Wild Arms 4 uses a unique HEX (Hyper Evolve X-fire sequence) system for fights. The battlefield has 7 hexagons: 1 in the center, 6 surrounding. Characters move between the hexes during the battle. The characters and the enemies will initially be randomly placed within the hexes. Multiple enemies or multiple characters can be in the same hex at the same time. Characters and enemies cannot be in the same hexes as each other. Some hexes have a colored outline, Ley points, indicating that a character would have elemental attributes added to their skills, when in that hex. These Ley points are either Fire (Red), Water (Blue), Wind (Green), or Earth (Yellow).

There are also puzzle and action sections to keep things interesting. You may, for example, have to go find a sword to pry a door open. For the action sequences you can jump, double jump, kneel, stomp, and slide.

There are break points that permit you to save, modify ARM, or have a meeting. Meetings are informative when you are unsure where to go next.

A nice addition is that you have the option to turn off the random monster encounters. The accelerator can be used to speed your character up while other things are slowed down. It can be used to access hidden items and also to advance through areas that may be inaccessible otherwise.


Wild Arms 4 is graphically superior to previous iterations of the series. The action and puzzle sequences keep the game fresh and fun. The Hex battle system is innovative, though the fighting is relatively easy except for some boss battles. Overall, Wild Arms 4 is a unique RPG that offers an entertaining experience.

Rating: 7.5/10

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