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Over 800,000 words have been translated to bring Rogue Galaxy to North America. The game is brought to us by Level-5, the creators of the Dark Cloud series and published by Sony. The first thing that will grab your attention is the stylized cel-shaded graphics similar to that of Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker.

Jaster is initially on the planet Rosa. Citizens are forbidden by the Longardians to leave the planet. Later, a cut-scene will show that a massive air-borne beast has found its way into the city. Along with it came some other smaller foes that will have to be fought before finding the large beast. The story revolves around Jaster, who is recruited to join a group of space pirates and gets the chance of a lifetime to explore the galaxy as he has always dreamt. He is reluctant to go at first though. Through the course of time Jaster will have set foot on five planets.

There is a map of your surroundings in the bottom right corner of the screen. Press the select button to see a larger view of where you are located. In the bottom left are cardinal directions, like a compass. Characters and enemies have names posted above their heads, so you know who they are. Scrounge around for treasure chests that will usually contain useful items. There are additionally places where you can buy and sell items. Background music adds to the game and fits well with the gameplay. Also, there are virtually no load times in this game (except when you load your saved game), which is almost unheard of in a PS2 game. Thank you, Level-5.

Insectron is a mini-game where the player will use bugs to fight. The insects can be trained, they will mate, and they need sustenance.

When there is an impending attack, you get an initial warning. Enemies will unsuspectingly come from their submerged spot in the sand or the neighboring land, depending on what planet you are on. Remember to save often at indicated save points. If you die in battle, the game is over, and you’ll have to start anew.

As Jaster, your main combat options are to use a sword slash, gunfire, or jump. At times, you will have to block your enemies (holding the R1 button) to build up enough stamina to continue fighting. You fight multiple enemies at the same time, selecting the one to focus on by using the control pad. I prefer this fast-paced-action fighting style to games where you attack one enemy at a time, slowly. Allies will come along on your journey and help you with your tasks. Some enemies have certain places where they can be injured and other places that are impervious to damage. There are also charged attacks, which are the only way to vanquish certain foes. You may have up to three characters fighting at one time. The R3 button can be used to switch fighters during a battle. When done fighting, Jaster will have an animation, where he will flip his sword and then return it to his attached sheath.

The gameplay is very lengthy and enthralling. It will please Role Playing Game fans. There are also hours of cut-scenes. A rental will not do Rogue Galaxy justice, due to its length and its quality. If epic adventures like this one keep coming out for the PS2, you won’t have to upgrade to the PlayStation 3 for some time.

As Jaster puts it, “That’s the end of that.”

Rating: 8.7/10

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