Resident Evil Code: Veronica X Review

PlayStation 2

March 27, 2009 by

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The Resident Evil series is the most known and respected survival horror series on the market today. The Resident Evil series began on the Sony Playstation, and instantly became a smash hit. Several other titles followed, with some being regarded as great whilst others terrible. Resident Evil Code: Veronica X is a port of the Dreamcast version, titled similarly. The Playstation 2 version, however, has improved graphics and sound, and has also included some new areas to explore.

Beginning a new game, you are told about the story so far, which goes along the lines of a mid-western city, known as Racoon City, was decimated after an outbreak of the T-Virus occurred. A large, international corporation known as Umbrella caused this incident. Claire Redfield (who you play as in the beginning) travels to Racoon City to search for her missing brother.

After you are told this, you are than shown a sweet FMV cutscene showing Claire Redfield running from guards in a large, multi-story building. A helicopter eventually begins the chase also, and shows a scene of the helicopter spraying bullets throughout the corridor, attempting to prevent Claire from escaping. Eventually, she is caught, and is sent to an Umbrella jail on a large island. You than begin the exciting, thrilling and sometimes frightening game of Resident Evil Code: Veronica X.

Beginning in the jail cell, you are equipped with only a lighter. Moving to the door of the cell and lighting the lighter reveals a guard standing there, who tells you that you are free to go. He also tells you that the island was attacked, and that everyone is dead. He gives you a knife, and sends you on your way. A couple of minuets later you meet Steve Burnside, a guy who has had a hard life and doesnt trust anyone. You than begin your mission of escaping the island.

The Resident Evil series have been known to have heavy, tank like controls that take some time to get used to, and still continue to annoy at times. Unfortunately, Code Veronica X continues this tradition and also features the tank like controls. For Resident Evil veterans this is no surprise, and will get used to the controls extremely quickly. However, for people who havent played any Resident Evil titles or have played very few, will find the controls difficult and annoying. When there are multiple enemies in the area, the controls sometimes cause you to take more damage than what should have been taken. However, there is one positive thing about the controls. Moving the control stick will make your character walk. By holding the circle button whilst moving will make your character run. This does become handy, since there are times in the game where you only want to walk, and not run, and by having the controls set like this really helps.

Resident Evil Code: Veronica X is not a short game. It isnt possible to complete this game in a few hours for the first time. There are plenty of puzzles to figure out, which range from simple, obvious ones to down right difficult puzzles. Most are placed appropriately and have something to do with the surrounding areas, although there is an odd one or two that are pointless.
On top of the puzzles, there are several boss battles. Each creature is designed well and is unique. They range from simple to difficult, requiring you to shoot them at the right time and in the right place. Most boss battles are easy to figure out, and many can be completed first try. Other enemies are also included, mostly zombies, however there are several others that you will run into several times including the Hunter.

There are a few unlockable secrets in the game, such as the battle mode, which allows you to pick a character and than attempt to get through a series of areas filled with enemies. Each character has their own weapons and other items to help them get through the game. Getting through the areas in a certain amount of time unlocks more characters to play in battle mode.

Code Veronica X graphics are above average. The characters look great, complete with moving hair, eyes and mouth. Enemies are generally well detailed, however there are the odd few that dont seem to fit in with the rest. There is a large amount of different zombies, some with hats that can be shot off, no clothes, bloody and torn clothes help to deepen the experience that you are seeing actual zombies. Other enemies can come from highly detailed to just passable.

The FMV cutscenes are generally great, however the characters do appear to move stiffly at times. Characters react and communicate appropriately. One thing that I did find wrong with a cutscene is when Claire and Steve are in a plane. They look different from the rest of the game, and talk different too. The cutscene doesnt appear to be as clear what the rest of the games cutscenes are. Im guessing that this cutscene was re-used from the original Dreamcast version.

Most of the environments look spectacular, with only a few objects appearing blurry.

The game is complete with almost everything you need in a survival horror game sound wise. Zombies moan and drag their feet as they move around, and than make crunching, mushy like sounds when they start eating you. Other enemies have their own unique sounds as they move around, and than yell once they spot you. After playing the game for a while, you will begin to recognise the sound of each creature.

The character voices suit the character and the situation they are in. The sound of their footsteps change depending on what surface you are walking on.

Resident Evil Code: Veronica X is a great port from the Dreamcast version. It has basically the same storyline to it, however graphics, sound and some new areas are added to liven the experience.

The game will take at least 9 hours to complete for the first time. The game is spread across several areas, with plenty of places to explore. The graphics are well detailed, and in some areas look almost real, however some objects do let the game down. The sound is great, however there is no surround sound support.

Overall, Resident Evil Code: Veronica X is a worthy addition to almost any gamers collection. A must own for any survival horror fan.

Rating: 9.0/10

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