Prince of Perisa Sands of Time Review

PlayStation 2

May 3, 2004 by

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There is simply one word to describe Prince of Persia: Sands of Time, unbelievable. Ever since the announcement of this game being in development, gamers everywhere were almost instantly excited. The months that followed found the game on every gaming website and magazine, with high expectations for it. Well, they defiantly had a reason to be. Prince of Persia: Sands of Time is defiantly not a disappointment, with its dazzling graphics, excellent sound and superb gameplay, this is one of the best adventure games of the year.

The game begins with you, the Prince of Persia, with his father and their army taking over a fortress. You decide to depart from the army and go in further alone, attempting to get to the Dagger of Time, which, of course, controls time. You control the Prince through the fortress, battling fortress guards ad overcoming obstacles, and finally get to the dagger. You show it to your father, and than begin the way back home, also with the large sand hourglass. Once you get back to your palace, you are tricked by a friend of your father, who also wants the dagger, to unlock the hourglass with the dagger. But this only unleashes evil, which kills everyone in the palace, except for only a few people. Along with a beautiful, mysterious and possibly untrustworthy lady known as Farah, you begin your quest to get rid of the evil and restore everything back to normal.
The storyline for the game is presented through crisp, very detailed cut-scenes, as well as in-game dialogue, with the Prince telling you things as you explore the highly detailed world.

The thing that makes Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time so fun and addicting to play is the amount of freedom you have, and how well it is all executed. Instead of just running along the wall and stopping and falling to the ground, you are able to jump off the wall to another wall, continue jumping from wall-to-wall to get higher, hang of an edge, move across the edge whilst dangling off it, go around the corner still dangling of the edge, and than jump to a pole. From there, you are able to swing to more poles or swing to another wall and start all over again. All of this is done with light, easy moveability controlling, no clunky stuff like Tomb Raider or the Legacy of Kain series. It makes many other games look insufficient in their execution of controls.

Puzzles in The Sands of Time are mostly based on the environment around you, such as moving objects in the room to a certain position or stepping on the right switches. Some puzzles will have gamers stumped, whilst others are obvious straight away. Most require logic, whilst some require skill, or the both combined.

What adventure game would be complete without its enemies? There is a decent variety of enemies in The Sands of Time, however there are many other adventure games available that contain more. The enemy AI is a commendable feat, they dont get stuck in areas, as well as blocking and attacking at the right times. The battle engine is of a very high standard, as you are able to execute several different types of moves whilst battling, such as jumping over the enemy and attacking from behind, rolling and jumping of walls to perform different combos and attacks. He can also use the dagger to make time go in slow motion, so that it is easier to battle a large amount of enemies. The Prince is also able to thrust the dagger into enemies, which makes them go into slow motion, so that you can hit them with your sword and kill them, which is easier than battling them whilst not slowed down. Again, the attention to detail in the battle engine is of a high standard. The only problem is that these battles become repetitive and boring, with very little variation between each battle.

The camera in The Sands of Time is great. You are able to go into the first-person view simply by pushing the right shoulder button. You are than able to get a birds-eye view of the area by tapping the left shoulder button. This allows for easy navigation of the area you are in. You are also able to control the camera manually by using the left analogue stick. The camera follows you closely, and rarely gets stuck behind walls or inappropriate areas.

The main thing that makes Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time stand out from other games is that the Prince has the ability to rewind time. If you die during battle or die from falling off a cliff, you are able to use the dagger to rewind time to just before he fell or got killed. However, you have a limit of the amount that you are able to do this. You are able to refill this in many parts throughout the game, as well as the ability to increase the limit on rewinding time. This is a great idea, which reduces the amount of times that you have to start from a certain place all over again, allowing you to move on quicker.

The previous Prince of Persia titles were known for some of the best graphics available at the time it was made. Thankfully, Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time lives up to this. All the characters are highly detailed, and move smoothly, performing their actions with ease and beauty. The surrounding areas that you play in are just as well detailed, almost looking believable. Water looks unbelievably real, us it runs off waterfalls or you run through the puddles. The lighting is also of a high standard. Sun shines through windows into the rooms making it look lifelike, and fires lighting the rooms in the right way. Its hard to find a major flaw with the graphics.

The music in The Sand of Time suits the theme of the game perfectly. It has the Egypt-Persia like music that you would expect in the game, and it all blends together to form music that isnt annoying, like so many other games are. Whenever you are in battle, the sound gets louder with some good electric guitar riffs.

Voice acting is great. There is plenty of dialogue in this game, occurring in both the cut-scenes as well as in game. In game dialogue ranges from what he thinks of the area to bickering with the princess, which happens often.

Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time is a great game. There are very few faults with the game. Ubisoft have made an excellent game here, all adventure fans will love this game. The Sands of Time could possibly be the best adventure game of 2003.

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