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King Kong is based on the upcoming movie made by Peter Jackson. Jack Driscoll is a scriptwriter for Carl Denham's next film, which is the last chance to win back Carl's reputation. You start off playing as Jack Driscoll. Ann is the female lead for the movie. A couple of sailors, Hayes and Jimmy, come along too. Later you will also get a chance to play as King Kong. You end up on Skull Island to work on the film. The island supposedly only existed in myth, but Carl happened upon a map for it.


The character animations are very realistic and the graphics of the game are very well done. There are especially nice lighting effects. The water flows realistically. At times there is water dripping from some places. In certain instances there is fog. The environments of Skull Island are well crafted and each area you go to is different.


The game has good voice acting from the main cast of the movie. Jack Black, Naomi Watts, and Adrien Brody are the voices of the main characters in the game as well as the movie. There are times when you can even hear heavy breathing of characters. The background music sets the mood well. The music is original and composed for the game and not just taken from the movie.


This is one of the few good movie to game translations. An interesting feature is that the difficulty level changes as you play the game, based on how well you do. It is always tense when you come across a V-Rex in the game. The V-Rex is the game's version of a T-Rex. As Jack, all you can do is run from the V-Rex. When you become King Kong, you get to have fun and fight the V-Rex.

The island has various creatures from insects to dinosaurs. All species on the island eat each other. There are some dinosaurs that were included in the game, that didn't fit into the movie.

Surprisingly, there is no HUD(heads up display). Fortunately, you will be able to tell when you are injured by the red look of the screen and the tense background music. Your character also comments when you are running low on ammo. You will have to press the L button to bring up your weapon, be it a gun or spear. This actually works well. The way the game is set up, it works perfectly well with no heads up display.

There are occasional puzzles, though mainly you will have to find a lever to activate a column that would open a doorway or set some shrubs on fire to clear a path. You do have to manually save, but there are many checkpoints so that you don't have to go back too far should you die.

You have different weapons at your disposal during the game, although you can just carry one at a time. The weapons include a pistol, shotgun, sniper rifle, machine gun, and spears. The spears are spread throughout the levels.


I'm happy to report that King Kong bucks the trend of poorly created games based on movie franchises. While it lasts, King Kong is a great looking and entertaining action adventure. I would recommend it to Kong fans and those looking for an action-filled adventure.

Rating: 9/10

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