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GrimGrimoire is a 2D real-time strategy game from NIS America. It has been localized and brought here for our pleasure.

You will play as Lillet Blan, who is a newly admitted student at the Silver Star Tower. Gammel Dore is the headmaster who introduces Lillet to the magic and helps you get started with the gameplay. You will also come to meet other characters along the way, teachers (even a devil that teaches sorcery - Advocat) and other students during the story part of the game. Other professors of magic include Opalneria Rain for Necromancy and Chartreuse Grande for Alchemy. You come across Margarita who was rescued by the headmaster. An honor student is also met that is learning Necromancy – Hiram. The other part is the strategy where you take on given challenges and defeat the enemies while you watch as the time goes by on the timer.

Usually the first thing that happens is that you have some story segment to listen to and watch the characters talk and interact, then a lesson with Gammel Dore (Dumbledore anyone?), and then a challenge to complete (the real-time strategy part).

Players are able to summon familiars to fight on their side against the enemies. It takes a certain amount of mana to summon. The elves are friendly and are used for getting mana (magic power) out of crystals. For instance, to summon other characters such as fairies, you must first level up your rune. Fairies are harder to control but are able to move more freely and faster (like through walls and other objects). You can select a whole group of familiars at a time to either move somewhere else or perhaps attack one, or a group, of enemies. Available characters include elves, fairies, unicorns, golems, gargoyles, imps, demons, dragons, ghosts, and phantoms – among others.

Flamour, Necromancy, Sorcery, and Alchemy are the four different types of magic. You pick one while making a rune and that will determine what familiars you can summon. Each has their own strengths and weaknesses. For example, Sorcery is Weak to Necromancy and Strong toward Alchemy. This is an important part of the strategy of GrimGrimoire. You need to position yourself to win the battle by using these magic types at the right time. Some enemy defenses will be hard to attack because they may be protected by familiars and symbols. And it always helps to have more familiars on your side than the enemy does. There are 25 extra levels that can be played after they are unlocked.

The voice-acting is fitting for the given characters; the sound effects are sufficient as well. You will hear the witty voices of the anime-style characters. The gameplay should pose entertaining for those who enjoy a fantasy-style RTS intermixed with story elements.

If you like a Harry Potter-esque storyline along with an imaginative real-time strategy experience, then give GrimGrimoire a try. And I would suggest that you rent the game first if you aren’t the traditional real-time strategy fan.

Rating: 7.5/10

Disclosure: We are provided copies of games from the game companies for some games that we review.

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