Dynasty Warriors 5: Xtreme Legends Review

PlayStation 2

February 26, 2006 by

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Koeis Dynasty Warriors series is one that splits gamers into two distinct identities; those who can spend countless hours on end, roaming around large maps as you murder everyone in sight, while there are the other group of gamers who cannot spend any longer than ten minutes with the game, as pure boredom is soon inflicted onto the gamer after they are forced to endure another lengthy mission of single button-mashing action.

But while many gamers look upon the series with great envy, its a wonder how Koei can continue to produce further titles in the expanding medieval Japan world. Obviously, there are plenty of gamers out there who simply adore the series, one that sticks true to the classic simplistic gameplay that doesnt force you to master numerous button combinations. One that doesnt see you slowly progressing through a world as you scan your environment, searching for the faintest possible answer to a puzzle that is preventing you from bypassing a large boulder. One that doesnt have you carefully conserving your ammunition as you wont find another pick-up for another hour. Its a gameplay style that enables virtually anyone to quickly pick-up-and-play without having to learn an extensive background story in order to learn what is happening.

I guess these factors are the key driving force that sees so many gamers picking up each new iteration of developer Omega Forces latest entry into the Dynasty Warriors series. While their latest title, Dynasty Warriors 5: Xtreme Legends continues to offer the same gameplay style, execution and presentation that we have all grown to become familiar with, there are a handful of new additions that are likely to please true fans of the series.

But before continuing, it is important to note that Xtreme Legends is essentially an expansion pack for Dynasty Warriors 5. While the original game is not required to run Xtreme Legends, those who have played the original will notice that much of the game remains the same. Like any normal expansion, however, there are several new additions that have been added into the mix, least of which includes new modes, additional items and further power-ups. Considering the nature of Xtreme Legends, were not about to begin preaching the history and core concepts of the game. Rather, well focus on delving into the new additions that ultimately determine whether Xtreme Legends is a worthwhile purchase or not.

Dynasty Warriors 5: Xtreme Legends consists of four different gameplay modes and a handful of complementary ones. The Legend Mode makes a return, which sees you selecting from a list of different scenarios that require you to satisfy a range of different objectives, which largely center on killing people either kill all enemies on the map, or assassinate the key leaders of the opposition.

One of the new additions in Xtreme Legends is the Xtreme Mode, which is essentially a survival-based tournament that sees how many missions you can play through without scoring free re-heals in-between each mission. Prior to heading into battle, you can purchase new upgrades and health from the shop using points that are earned through each mission that you complete in the mode. Therefore, youll need to perform decently and be sparing with the money you earn in order to have enough to purchase replenishing health items before heading back into battle, which gradually increase in difficult as you complete each mission. Then theres the Destiny Mode, which has you creating your own custom character from a selection of rather limited creation options. After selecting your desired sex, you can choose from around ten different facial designs, which you can then proceed on to select hair type, clothing, the height and the width of the character. From here, youll proceed through a story-driven series of campaigns that allows you to select which side you fight for, which can then be changed later down the line as your skill impresses the generals of opposing teams, who will then offer you the ability to dump your current team and join theirs. The game is essentially a career mode, which sees you making gradually increasing sums of money as your prove your skill in battle.

The Challenge Mode rounds off the different gameplay modes on hand, which essentially pits you through a series of a variety of different modes with the central aim of achieving the highest score possible. With six different events available, they include such events as Gatekeeper, which centralizes on preventing the enemy from breaking through your gate, while Rampage pits you through a map with a single large corridor to see the highest score that you can rack up by killing and destroying as many people and objects as possible within the time limit. There is also Bridge Melee, which has you attempting to knock as many enemies off the bridge as possible without falling off yourself. Not an easy task.

If you own the original Dynasty Warriors 5, you can combine the new additions in Xtreme Legends with the original to unlock further new items for play. Both the visual and sound aspects of the game remain identical to the original Dynasty Warriors 5, with no noticeable new inclusions or enhancements to be found.

As with previous titles in the series, Dynasty Warriors 5: Xtreme Legends is a purchase strictly for fans of Koeis long-standing button mashing killing spree. There are only a handful of new additions available, which cause for the game to be somewhat of a questionable purchase for those only remotely interested in the franchise. If youre a true fan of the series and desire further medieval action, Xtreme Legends is a suitable purchase. Otherwise, youre likely better off searching elsewhere.

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