Buzz The Hollywood Quiz Review

PlayStation 2

October 17, 2007 by

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Sony has been quite successful at marketing its PlayStation 2 to the casual gaming market, bringing out the likes of EyeToy, SingStar and the Buzz! Series in an attempt to appeal to those who don’t traditionally play games. And what better a way to do so than to bring out an assortment of games that are perfect in a party atmosphere?
Those familiar with the Buzz! Series will find that not too much has changed in this iteration, apart from the obvious inclusion of questions that focus on the movie business. There are a couple of new events, such as Fact or Fiction, which is virtually self explanatory, and Rollover, where players select a topic to be quizzed on. If they fail to answer the question successfully, the points offered are then added to the next player’s round of points, essentially creating a snowballing motion.
The game is still controlled with the custom-designed controllers that feature a large illuminated red button on top and four smaller coloured buttons that are then used to select from the list answers offered on-screen. It’s all very simple to operate and understand, with its non-traditional styling helping to appeal to the non-gamers.
The game promises a solid 5000 different questions to test your movie knowledge on, along with 100 movie clips that provide a slight different quizzing experience to what the previous games have offered. There’s two different levels of difficulty when it comes to questions, with the average joe likely being challenged by many in the standard mode, while the dedicated film fanatic possibly finding the hard mode still a little too easy. A number of colourful character favourites make a return, as well as a selection of appropriate movie characters (such as an alien and a cowboy, for example) to offer its eight simultaneous players a fair variety to choose from.
There’s a solid array of different questions available, including the ability to select to play on generalized movie quizzes or focus on those that are aimed specifically at the Hollywood stars themselves.
We’re pleased to see another Buzz! game focused directly on a single topic, as given the nature of the game, we find that it’s usually more enjoyable when the game is based around a specific topic (like Buzz!’s previous music, sports and now movies focus) rather than the more generalized quizzes that seem to be far too broad and varied to run friendly, humorous competitions against your mates.
The game’s presentation and style is virtually identical to the previous game, apart from a studio makeover to represent its new Hollywood movie basing. Character models are simple, basic yet effective, as are the menus and the studio environment. The game hasn’t really received any obvious technical upgrades over the previous titles, not that we really expected any.
However, the sound is still rather cheap. It may be deliberately intentional, but we can't help but become quickly irritated with the far-too-cheesy music and the overly annoying host, Buzz, who still ticks us off more than what he makes us smile.
Much like its SingStar and EyeToy brothers, Buzz! The Hollywood Quiz is very much a game that is best played in a group or party atmosphere. It’s the perfect type of game that you’ll be pulling out on such odd occasions. Although it does cater for single player gaming, it really was designed to be played with a group of friends, and as such, it is effective in providing a few solid hours of fun, lighthearted gaming with your family or friends. If you’ve already purchased one of the previous Buzz! Titles, The Hollywood Quiz is an appropriate choice if you’re looking to expand the array of questions at your disposal the next time you have some mates around.

Rating: 6.3/10

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