Buzz The BIG Quiz Review

PlayStation 2

June 3, 2006 by

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It was only last October when the first Buzzing game show sensation, Buzz: The Music Quiz, first touched down in Australia. While the game took its time to truly become noticed within the Australian gaming market, the huge sales success that the game experienced soon after saw the game topping the Australian software sales charts week after week. Positively boosted by Christmas sales that saw consumers clambering for a family-friendly, fun game to pop into the PS2 during the holiday period, Relentless Software’s newest sensation has caught the attention of many Australians and gamers across the globe.

Considering the relative success of the first title, it was only a matter of time before Relentless pumped out a sequel, which comes in the form of Buzz: The BIG Quiz; a game that is presented in the same form as the original, with the key difference being of the broader range of topics that the questions are based on. No longer are the questions confined to a specific genre, such as music, which allows the game to appeal to a wider audience. At the same time, the expansive range of questions that are thrown at you can be a bit overwhelming, with quite a few of them being rather stupid. At the same time, there isn’t quite enough questions on hand to really make it a broad quiz title, which results in the regular repeating of questions which dumbs down the experience and gives an unfair advantage to those who have spent some time with the game over their competitors.

As with the first game, Buzz is a game that is best played with family or friends. While the game does offer a shallow single player offering, which simply allows you to participate in a 2-round event to see how high of a score that you can achieve, it’s unlikely that you will source any true enjoyment from the game unless you have someone to play with. Whereas the first Buzz allowed you to play with the four special controllers that are designed specifically for the game (see our Buzz: The Music Quiz review for a picture and description), The BIG Quiz allows you to hook up two sets of the buzzers, ultimately allowing you to play a game of 8 players. Considering the party atmosphere that the game is aimed at, the expansion of the number of players that can play is a great new addition – if you can get your hands on two sets of the buzzers.

In addition to the change in questions that are on offer, this second buzzing extravaganza also includes a small number of enhancements and new inclusions. There are now some additional gameplay modes on hand, however, each carry the same presentation and style that has been used throughout both titles in the series. The standard mode is on hand, perfect for playing through with two or more contestants. This pits you through a series of questionnaires that are presented in various different forms, such as Hitman, which sees the player who answered the question correctly being able to choose which opponent to deduct a set number of points from. Others include fastest finger, which sees a collection of different pictures appearing on the screen in a sequence. Only one of these pictures is the correct answer to the question, and so players must try and be the first person to press the red buzzer once the picture appears on-screen.

But if you don’t wish to plow through the full length of different events that a usual round consists of, you can now customize and choose which events are to be included. This allows you to mix and match to only include the events that you enjoy, and not the ones that you do not.

Outside of the standard fare are the more specific events, known as Party Games. These include the ability to participate in just the aforementioned Hitman mode, as well as the classic pass-the-bomb favourite and the Quickfire Quiz, allowing you to select a number of questions to answer in a row, which range from 5 through to 100.

The alternative modes that are on hand include Quiz Master and Team Play. Quiz Master allows players to create their own questions and speak them orally to the competitors, listing the four possible answers that can then be answered by the competitors by pressing the corresponding button on the buzzer. Team Play, on the other hand, is a perfect alternative when you are playing the game with a large group, with a buzzer being assigned to each group to work together through the questions.

Buzz: The BIG Quiz looks and sounds virtually identical to the original. The characters offer a cartoony and simplistic appearance, each offering their own unique personality. The game doesn’t need fantastic visuals or sounds to make it an enjoyable experience, and therefore Relentless have kept the game’s visuals and sounds to the bare basics.

Buzz: The BIG Quiz doesn’t offer any real improvements over the original. Rather, it simply mixes up the optional ingredients by inserting a host of new questions and some other fine touches to make it a slightly more adaptable game. If you enjoyed the original and have some mates to play with, then Relentless’ latest offering is worthy of a purchase. Just don’t expect a never-ending number of questions to play with.

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