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'Twas the night before Christmas and all through the land, a thief sprung through the night with stolen presents in hand. With bullets and lasers and plenty of glee, Santa and her reindeer fight to return gifts to every tree!

With an adorable holiday twist on the classic shoot-em-up genre, Fruitbat Factory brings both fans and newcomers alike Xmas Shooting - Scramble!!. Join Aru, the cute bunny-eared Santa and her laser shooting horde of reindeer as they battle their way across the skies to catch the thief that stole Christmas (or at least all the presents)!

Those who may have played QP Shooting - Dangerous!! will feel right at home with the game play of Xmas shooting as it is set in the same universe. Formations and customizations can be set and changed before each match to aid in taking down the onslaught of enemies and fit to each players playstyle - whether that be to their benefit or harm! Whether playing aggressive, defensive or more balanced, there really is no one way to win it all and trying them all out will give players the opportunity to learn how each style can be used to their best ability - and they are probably going to need to use every trick they know! There are about 28 different formations that can be unlocked as well, though only 3 can ever be equipped at a time.

Additionally gameplay wise, there are 4 difficulty levels ranging from tolerable (which is still challenging) to nigh insanity inducing; with the higher difficulties also offering additional mini boss encounters. The levels can be enjoyed all at once in Arcade mode (where certain death means restarting at the very beginning) and Conquest mode (which allows for saving in between levels). There may not be a lot of levels but in a way it makes it perfect for any kind of player to jump in and enjoy the cute chaos. It is definitely a challenge but not something that should scare anyone away - even someone brand new to the genre.

Although bullet hell shooters aren't known for their gripping depth of stories, this one plays out pretty well for what it is. The Christmas spirit really shines through and adds a fun holiday quirk that is just delightful to experience from the story interludes to the actual levels, enemies and obstacles encountered. There is really nothing quite like dodging a multitude of bullets while also dodging snowballs, exploding hot cooking pots and bouncing snowmen.

To sweeten the deal even more, each copy of the game guarantees Aru as a fantastic new character addition for play in the digital board game 100% Orange Juice - which can currently be enjoyed in abundant Christmas cheer with Aru, a new map, a new panel type and an all-around holiday event!

Overall, Xmas Shooting - Scramble!! is a great little bullet hell that anyone can pick up and enjoy while they eagerly await Santa to pay a visit! Especially with all the sales going on right now, there is truly little reason to not give this one a shot; and what better way to make the holiday bright than with the lasers of Aru's most adorable reindeer lighting up the night sky!?

Rating: 8.5/10

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