Nightmare House 2 Review


September 11, 2013 by

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If there was ever a game so scary where you would need multiple changes of pants, Nightmare House 2 would be that game. Free of charge as a mod for Half Life on Steam, this game became its one of the best indie survival horror games. Edited to placing the most unexpected jump scares makes it one of the best while still developing on an actual story plot with a similar likeness to Dead Space with a schizophrenic protagonist.

As a mod, it provides fantastic graphics as much as can be expected from an indie horror game. The creatures that prowl at dark rooms and vents have been carefully detailed and can be challenging to face at times. Lights flicker inconsistently regardless of danger present or none at all for effect and naturally, skeletons that are pulled away by the unseen and blood stains smear the old house and mock-hospital. For sparse moments, the outside environment provides an eerie enough setting to make a player question the supposed earth familiarity making it a bending trick to convince the player that the look of the most familiar things holds a hostile and life threatening aura. A different part of the game presents a confounding maze of eerie antiseptic hallways that are full of unpleasant encounters and even the undead are included along with the mysterious creatures and flashes of a mysterious ghost that always seems to haunt you.

The gameplay sets to a first person view with multiple interesting interactions with certain objects and beings. Not to mention the classical flashlight switch to see or to turn off as in refuse to see what the game has in store. Additionally, the game tends to throw a lot of enemies at you at once and can prove to be difficult to kill after getting a players adrenaline so worked up. However, there are a surprising amount of multiple weapons you can attain such as an woodcutters axe, a revolver, and even a shotgun that are all very helpful if you're not too busy screaming or attempting to run away to get some ground between you and your enemies. Unfortunately, even if you see it coming, you can't kill enemies until they're already up and after you. Although some parts tend to be initially confusing, you will have to think a little bit or even wandering about in the vents in total confusion can work to your favor.

Naturally, what makes all horror games complete is the music and sound effects. The music is all generous enough in variety of the mod that makes it one of the best mods that I have played. Nothing is held back in terms of sound whether it's the brief high shriek of violin strings or the steadily increasing music that becomes louder and louder. Even the brief horror glimpses come with glass shattering or zombies groaning, screams, wood splintering, the loud crunch of bones being smashed or blood splattering. The sound effects are truly what cause the game to be a scream worthy title, if you're into that.

Rating: 8.5/10

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