Multi-Core Gun3 Gaming Mouse V7 Review


April 23, 2013 by

Multi-Core Gun3 Gaming Mouse V7 Image

Recently I had the opportunity to take a look at the Multi-Core Gun3 Gaming Mouse V7 by A4 Tech. As an avid PC gamer who delights in new peripherals, I was very excited to try a mouse from a brand I had not heard of before.

Needless to say, I quite enjoyed my experience with this mouse. I'll begin with the first thing you'll notice when you take a look at the Gun3: the appearance. There is no doubting that this is a sharp looking peripheral: Sleek, matte black surface with red highlights. It is without a doubt a "Gamer" mouse. When I plugged it in, I found the glowing LED on the palm-rest to be a nice touch as well.

To followup, I was quite happy with the construction of the Gun3 V7. When you put your hand on the mouse, it simply feels comfortable. I've used a lot of mice, from the Logitech g500 to the R.A.T. 7, and I think the simple arced design of the Gun3, similar to most Logitech mice- if you are familiar with the design, works well here. The finger rest on the side is another one of those understated touches. I personally love the finger-rest, and feel it's one of those things you don't notice until you find it lacking on other mice. The materials feel pretty sturdy as well, something I was a bit worried about when I saw the price point of $40, surprisingly affordable in the gaming mice world. Plus for a lot of the less than neat gamers out there, the mouse cord is of the sturdy braided variety, which is often missing on low and middle price range mice, meaning gamers will have a hard time breaking the cable. A definite bonus if you have ever had issues with wires breaking in a tangled mess behind your desk.

The design is not without its flaws, however, the extra button placement for switching profiles feels a little off. Personally I hold my mouse with my fingers forward towards the front of my mouse, but the optional shooting mode buttons- The buttons let users switch between single and multi-round burst fire in FPS games, which sit behind the scroll wheel were unwieldy to use. Mostly I stuck to the standard mode, but I feel they would receive more use in a more ergonomic position.

In game, I found the mouse responsive due to its beefy dual optical lens allowing up to 3200dps sensitivity. The tracking speed is very satisfactory as well, as I am a gamer who favors the low sensitivity high arm swing approach. Suffice to say, at 75 inches per second track speed, I was no where near hitting the limits of this mouse.

My one truly major complaint is its software. Though my problem is more philosophical than practical. Yes it does as advertised: help reduce recoil and steadies aim. However, as a long-time competitive FPS gamer, if you have to use the included software that is packaged with certain versions of the mouse, please keep it to single player games. I don't mean to throw about the dreaded "aim-bot" word, but I feel this falls in a moral gray-area that I wouldn't want to encourage.

In conclusion, I would keep this one on the radar for more budget minded gamers looking for an affordable mouse that ranks high in its price range in terms of form, function and quality. I give it a hearty and positive recommendation.

Basic Parameters:
Multi-core system
Button No.: 7 keys + Wheel
Direction of wheel: one way direction
Tracking: HoleLESS HD engine
Type: Wired
Mouse connection: USB (2.0/3.0)
Hardware system requirements: Windows
Software system requirements: Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8
Mouse size: 125 x 64 x 39 (mm)
Cable length: 1.8 m
Mouse weight: 155 g

Technical Parameters:
Resolution: 200 Dpi to 3,200Dpi (5 ranges adjustable)
Image processing: 368 mega pixels / sec
Acceleration: 30g
Tracking speed: 75 inches / sec
Report rate : 1,000 Hz(4 ranges adjustable)
Key response time: 1ms
160K onboard memory

Disclosure: We are provided copies of games from the game companies for some games that we review.