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June 1, 2013 by

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Have you ever seen the announcements from the latest E3 convention and thought 'Hey, I could totally come up with something way cooler than that piece-o-doodoo'? Or maybe you took a look at a smaller indie title and pondered why this hasn't gotten more attention, thinking that you could totally get it more attention if you were the developer? Well, the answer to these questions and more can be found with the upcoming title Game Developer Tycoon, the star from Greenheart Games.

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Graphically, the game is rather simple. The characters do not have a lot of originality to them, and there are not many options for character customization either. It is still rather visually appealing with a cartoon-y aspect to the graphics.

The plot line of Game Dev Tycoon is rather simple. You start out as this nameless (and honestly kind of faceless) kid working out of their basement in the 80's trying to develop a game to jump start a new edition to the world of game developers. The game follows events that actually happened within gaming history, starting out with the forever beloved PC and Commodore. Players go through history as we know, with generic names of famous games (which I'm sure is simply to avoid copyright issues, but still made for a subtle chuckle or two) such as Donkey Kong becoming Dinky King.

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Gameplay is smooth and with really no interruptions, and really gets in-depth with the process. Players can not only name their game and for what console, but they can go through and make decisions on what areas of development need to be focused on more than others (such as graphics over audio). They can choose exactly if their next masterpiece is going to be action-adventure or simply the latest Tuba Hero - Yes, that was my knockoff to Guitar Hero... They can even improve their skills to make certain aspects of games improve. As players earn more fans and get more money, they are able to hire teams to work together and specialize in different areas, rather than one person doing all of the work, in order to not only get games done quicker, but have improved games because more focus is going into different parts. There is also an option for players to create their own gaming engine after researching all the latest and greatest additional features to the gaming community, such as *gasp* multiplayer! Adding the newest stuff will not only impress the reviewers and gain fans at gaming conventions, but will also earn tons of sales! Players will have to deal with the same old issues of appealing to a target audience (as there is a marketing aspect), all the way to the modern issue of piracy. Of course, all of this stuff costs quite a bit of green, and if sales kind of sucked for your latest "masterpiece", then players can also take on some contract work to earn a little extra cash along the way.

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All in all, Game Dev Tycoon is a unique and engaging game that I, personally, could not put down for hours. Just sitting there trying to get enough dough to create the next Tuba Hero was completely and utterly addicting. The game appears simplistic enough in nature that it's not hard to simply catch on even without a tutorial. It's the quirkiness and constant engagement that is what kept me coming back well after a few hours of play time. With a mere 8 dollar price tag slapped on it, I say go for it, if you like simulation games. This is the kind of game you may stumble upon, but it will keep you entertained for hours on end. Game Dev Tycoon is also being greenlit on Steam, so the game may also appear there in the near future.

Rating: 8.0/10

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