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June 1, 2013 by

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It is no secret that the franchise behind Minecraft has blown up, like to the point where elementary level kids are playing it! However, among those people that don't play Minecraft (and let me tell you, they do exist), they usually have a common complaint: they can not get over the block-ish graphics. For those that graphics matter to, yeah, this is a hard and rugged bridge to cross. However, there is a cleverly, graphically appealing alternative by the name of Don't Starve from Klei Entertainment. This game is a wilderness survival game with a little hint of science mixed in there, and it will keep players addicted for hours on end!

Graphically, the game is very visually appealing. With quirky characters that you unlock as you gain more experience out in the wilderness. And artwork that seems to have been pulled right out of a Tim Burton film, the environment is very vast and leaves players with that real urge to want to just explore more of it.

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The characters, both playable and not, are very fun and interesting in both their appearances and their actions. The playable characters all have a unique trait that is specific to only them such as being a manly-man, setting fires, or simply growing a magnificent beard. Also, there is a note that plays in place of actual voice acting (which just adds to its quirkiness). These characters will become unlocked as players gain more experience surviving the elements. Characters that are non-playable are also very unique in their own way such as Pig-Men that resemble Neanderthals or Beefalo that roam the plains dropping their Beefalo poop for you to make some good ol' science with!

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Gameplay is fairly simple with a point-and-click way of going about things. All players have to do is simply survive the wilderness while keeping track of health, hunger, and sanity; also players need to avoid possible dangers that lie within the different biomes that the world has to offer. In order to do this, the game has various tools and accessories that might make players' stay in the wilderness just a little bit... home-ier. Players usually start out with the basic tools like a pickax and axe to collect materials and a simple campfire to avoid the monsters that hide in the dark, to more complex tools like walls, armor for your character, or even an alchemy machine. This game leaves players engaged and thrilled to go seek materials to make all these different things, and then gives them a sense of accomplishment when they do finally get the thing made and take a look at all the new items they've unlocked.

In conclusion, for a mere 15 dollars on Steam, this game will keep players focused on the gameplay and not the price they paid to experience it. It has excellent replay-ability, as players will feel the need to keep coming back to it to see how long they can survive or what new characters and items they will unlock. The game is visually appealing with a vast world to explore that has constant hidden surprises, along with quirky characters that stick with players. This game is available on Steam and as a Google Chrome App. Either way that you buy it, I think this is an excellent addition to any gamer's library, casual or hardcore, there is something in Don't Starve for everybody.

Rating: 8.0/10

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