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Hua Mulan is a legendary Chinese woman who took the place of her father in the army. She disguised herself as a man and moved up the ranks in the army over a span of 10 years. Rise of a Warrior is the Chinese film based off the story. Many may be familiar with the 1998 American animated film, Mulan. Rise of a Warrior is a live action version of this historic tale. Rise of a Warrior is in Chinese with English subtitles and was localized for the United States by Funimation. The North American release was on September 3, 2013.

Rise of a Warrior had a 6.75 Million USD budget and was directed by Jingle Ma. The screenplay was by Ting Zhang. The film is one hour and fifty-four minutes in length. The film primarily takes place on the battlefield between fights and plot development. Mulan is brave and must face numerous challenges. There is also a romance that takes place on the battlefield between Mulan and another. She also loses many of her brothers' through the course of many battles. There is bloodshed and also hope that Mulan will succeed in her mission. The battle sequences are fairly realistic. There was violence but not excessive blood and gore as in some films.

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There are some similarities and differences between Disney's Mulan (1998). Rise of a Warrior tends to be the more realistic of the two and seems more serious. There is more intense and brutal action in this and it is not aimed at young children. Both retain the love story that Mulan has during her time on the battlefield. Her love interest is Wentai who is portrayed by Chen Kun. In the two, Mulan had a sidekick and in Rise of a Warrior that was Tiger, played by Jaycee Chan (son of Jackie Chan). Those are some of the ways Mulan (1998) is like Rise of a Warrior while also different.

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Zhao Wei plays the role of Hua Mulan. She has a strong role and fits the part well, working her way up to General of the Army. She starts out with little knowledge of fighting, but learns all she needs along the way. Tiger helps her to fit it more like a man by not talking or laughing so much. Though it did seem hard to see the portrayal of Mulan in this film as living like a man, because Wei's voice isn't disguised as such. Other than that though, the performance is solid and revolves around Mulan's life primarily during feudal times.

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The DVD version of the film is visually what you would expect to see. The action and drama keep you entertained. The actors and actress convince you that they who they are portraying. The relationships that are forged bring you into the movie and make you feel for the loss that they face during the many battles. Rise of a Warrior is more of a realistic - and also live-action - version of the story of Hua Mulan. Rise of a Warrior is a film worth watching. Mulan: Rise of a Warrior is currently available at retailers nationwide in both Blu-ray and DVD format.

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