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This free-to-play MMO is quite possibly the most addicting mobile game ever. Star Legends: The Blackstar Chronicles is the second release from Spacetime Studios. Following the hyper-successful Pocket Legends, Star Legends follows the same 3D MMO style, but set in space. Pocket Legends broke new ground by being the first 3D, worldwide MMO playable on both the iOS and Android platforms. In late 2011 Star Legends hit the Chrome web store, making it the first 3D MMO ever to allow players on mobile and PC platforms to play together at the same time.

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Star Legends is surprisingly fast for what it accomplishes. Thousands of players join together on the same server, battling the same enemies while chatting via in-game text in real time. It’s astounding there’s no lag time during gameplay, especially when using 3G instead of Wi-Fi. Players can blast mutated space creatures while simultaneously chatting with other players in the same level, or privately with their guild members. Visually, there’s always a lot going on in this beautiful 3D MMO. However, the game hardly ever lags, and the graphics are stunning compared to typical mobile games. It’s hard to get over the detail accomplished on such a small screen.

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And there’s so much to do. This 3D MMO allows up to 41 level ups with tons of campaigns in each level. Players can choose which missions to accept or avoid. Star Legends also offers seasonal campaigns to keep the game fresh and interesting. Players can send friend requests and join guilds. After earning enough platinum, gamers can also create their own guilds. The multiplayer interaction and depth of gameplay definitely adds a couple of layers of captivation to Star Legends.

There are a lot of choices for character customization. Players create a character among three class options: engineer, operative, or commando. Then, they can customize their players as they level up and gain new equipment. Aside from the regular equipment that can be obtained, Star Legends offers seasonal upgrades to fit each holiday. Players can earn platinum by completing campaigns or opt to use real money to buy upgrades. This is the only part of the game that costs real money, and it’s all optional. Basically, buying upgrades with real money moves players through the game more quickly than doing it the old fashioned way, by earning experience and platinum by completing campaigns.

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The screen layout is one of the best around for mobile gaming. Spacetime Studios managed to fit so much on one, small screen without interfering with gameplay. The directional controls, attack controls, and chat box all show up on one screen. The special attacks and chat box can be expanded or reduced as needed with a single tap on the screen. The directional movement is easier, too. Players can choose to use the on-screen directional pad or simply top on the screen where they want their player to go. The camera angle can also be easily adjusted by sliding a finger across the screen.

The fact that Star Legends is a 3D, global MMO and free-to-play makes this game worth adding to the bucket list. However, the added bonus of playability across multiple platforms makes this an enchanting MMO worth entangling yourself in, immediately. Don’t bother trying to escape Spacetime Studios’ 3D MMO franchise. There’s a new installment, Dark Legends, on the way. And, Star Legends marks a luscious, love affair in the trilogy that must be indulged.

Rating: 10/10

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