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Fruit Ninja is one of the top "must have" games on the iPhone, without a doubt. Although adding a movie tie-in was a less than expected move, Puss in Boots provides a new mode to the Fruit Ninja roster that takes advantage of the fast paced Fruit Ninja style. Although the game in itself is a small download, with very few features, it is still very playable, and very fun.

Fruit Ninja: Puss in Boots doesn't add a whole lot to the actual formula of the core gameplay of its iconic name, but rather, it improves upon it, by adding a new "adventure" mode, or in this case, Bandito Mode. The new Bandito mode is a great addition to the series, because it adds fast paced, mission based objectives that the player is randomly told to complete. Every random mission the game assigns tends to be quite fun, and does a great job of mixing up the formula for every play through. Completing each mission in a small time window also adds to the challenge, giving this mode a lot of replay value.

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Bandito mode is separated into three acts, and a finale. The player has to complete four randomly assigned missions in order to advance to the next act, an addition that adds a bit of depth and quite a bit of unexpected fun. The missions are depicted by images, that are almost literal in their objectives, and you have to see them to know what I mean by that statement. After completing the increasingly difficult missions, the player is left at the finale, in which, they have a showdown with a pinata that they have to mercilessly slice at until it ceases to exist. The frantic countdown of the clock and the wacky and spontaneous movements of the pinata add a challenge.

With the addition of Bandito Mode, the Fruit Ninja game has expanded quite a bit. The only other mode is among the typical modes that are in the original Fruit Ninja games, Classic Mode (dubbed Desperado). It is essentially the same from the previous game: three lives, don't hit bombs, and hit all the fruit you can before you are overwhelmed by misses or bombs. The only addition is a magic bean that takes away one miss, allowing for more precious play time, to get the ever changing high score.

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Gameplay aside, Fruit Ninja: Puss in Boots offers a lot for the aesthetic gamer as well. The music and sounds in the game are done very well. Jamming out to Spanish guitars as I gracefully sliced fruit, almost felt like they were made for one another and the simple addition of Puss in Boots throwing in one liners and shouts make the game that much more satisfying. The Dojo, or Stash, as it has been deemed, is all still intact, and offers many different blades and backgrounds to unlock. All of this references the movie, such as cat claw blades, guitar blades, and backgrounds that seem to be taken from the movie itself. This helps provide a better gameplay experience and allows the player to have more fuel to keep playing in order unlock everything.

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Fruit Ninja: Puss in Boots is not a completely revolutionary game in the series, but it is a very notable addition. I had a lot of fun with Bandito Mode, and will more than likely keep this app on my iPod, because it is a perfect way to pass the time when I have a few minutes to kill. Fans of Fruit Ninja should pick this up, especially since it is a steal for $0.99 USD in the App Store. If you're not an avid Fruit Ninja fan, then I suggest that you pick up the original and see if you would be willing to add a bit more spice to the mix. Although there isn't anything entirely new to the Fruit Ninja name, the gameplay is still fun, solid, and will keep you entertained for quite some time.

Rating: 8.0/10

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