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The popularity of Angry Birds is unparalleled in the phone app industry. The original game boasts over ten-million downloads. It has spun-off a couple of Angry Birds sequels as well as fueled game knock-offs like Angry Frogs. Outside of the gaming world Angry Birds has become its own brand for marketing and advertisements. The vengeful little birds have been featured on fast food commercials and harbor their own line of Halloween costumes. So what makes Angry Birds so popular? Is the game really that great?

Angry Birds is a highly entertaining physics-based puzzle game that is sure to keep players distracted for hours. Players must save their stolen eggs from the evil green pigs. To complete this task, players must sling-shot their flightless birds into the air to knock down the pigs' fortresses and kill every pig. This involves careful planning as each level only allows a certain number of angry birds to complete each level. As players progress through the levels, new birds with unique abilities are utilized. Some birds drop eggs as they are catapulted through the air while others explode upon contact, fly in multiples, speed up, or boomerang. The controls are simple and straightforward. Players use the touch-screen to sling the angry birds across the screen. Each new command is introduced with a simple one-screenshot tutorial. The 285 levels in Angry Birds are challenging, but players have the option of skipping around, to some extent, to each of the six themed worlds. If a player gets stuck on a difficult level, Angry Birds gives the option of watching someone else complete the level on YouTube.

The visuals on Angry Birds are bright and cheerful. The game looks much like a cartoon with cute, angry birds vengefully attacking the haughty, green pigs. In spite of the bright, but simple graphics, the game is sometimes slow to respond to user commands, and does occasionally freeze up, altogether. As a concession, Angry Birds does give the option of removing the background scenery to enhance graphics performance. It should be noted that there are ads in the free and paid version of the game. Unfortunately, Angry Birds is one of the few games that still utilize ads in its paid version.

There is not much actual music in the game. The only music in Angry Birds occurs in between levels, which does not take away from the game's presentation at all. The levels are filled with background noises such as dripping water in a cave, or the typical sounds of birds and crickets one might hear while outside. The birds make all sorts of fun sounds as they wait their turn or fly through the air. Also, the pigs really pull players in with their taunting snorts. This was actually a great use of sound in the game because it does not distract from the player's concentration during gameplay.

Angry Birds offers lots of replay value. 285 levels give players tons of variety in strategy and skill-level. Yet if the original ever does get old, Rovio has also created a succession of Angry Birds follow ups, including Angry Birds Rio and Angry Birds Seasons. The challenging, physics-based gameplay makes Angry Birds is a must-have for those searching for an addictive, puzzle-style game.

Rating: 8.0/10

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