Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Review


May 3, 2004 by

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Tom Clancys Ghost Recon was originally made for the PC. It has now been ported to the Playstation 2, GameCube and Xbox. The game is outdated by a long shot, thanks to Red Storm Entertainment porting the game exactly the same as the old PC game. There are a large number of things wrong with this game, of which I will talk about in this review.

Your team consists of four elite American Special Forces, who have all of the latest technology the American Army has to offer. Known as the Ghosts, you are the first team deployed into a dangerous situation, and the last ones to leave. Your mission is to prevent terrorists from taking over China and rebuilding it containing the Iron Curtain.

Ghost Recon is full of problems. One of the most noticeable is the collision detection system. It is old, poor and becomes frustrating. You can stand right in front of an enemy, shoot them 20 times in the head and still they manage to survive. Often the bullets not even causing any damage. Once a solider is killing, they will fall to the ground, than slide some distance from where they were killed. A shooter really does need a good collision detection system in order for it to work well. Unfortunately, Ghost Recons collision detection is extremely poor.

Ghost Recon features 3 different modes for multiplayer. Survival is basically a death match, where you compete against other players in order to kill each other the most. Co-op mode allows two players to go through the single player missions, and complete them together. You than have Fire Fight, where there are a set number of enemies on a level. In order to win you need to kill as many of these as possible.

There is simply one word that describes the graphics in Tom Clancys Ghost Recon old. The graphics in Ghost Recon are long outdated, and are something youd expect to see on the Playstation or the Nintendo 64. This is due to the port of the PC title, which was made some time ago. Red Storm Entertainment could have at least had updated the graphics when they ported it to the Gamecube. The trees and ground are blurry, the cars are 2D, looking like they have been pasted from a SNES games and the buildings and fire of weapons is poor. The only thing in Ghost Recon that is decently detailed is the soldier themselves, however they still move and behave awkwardly.

The controls in Ghost Recon are generally easy to learn, and are similar to some other titles. Ordering your soldiers are performed by simply pressing the Y button, cycling through your soldiers is performed by the pad, and than then the other basic controls consist of the R button for shooting, B for reload weapon and A for performing an action.

The game features several single player missions, co-op mode and a multiplayer death match mode. The game does have some real potential, however this is all lost with how the game is executed. As said in the review earlier, the graphics are poor, the sound is poor, gameplay is poor and the value is also poor. You will complete the game quickly, if you manage to not get annoyed or bored with the game enough to throw it out. The game basically fails in every way possible. I advise you to not purchase this game, instead give it a rent.

The music in Ghost Recon is good and suitable for the game. It is quiet when you have arent firing at enemies, and than gets loud when you are shooting at enemies. The sound effects of explosions and the firing of guns, however, could be a little clearer and more realistic.

Tom Clancys Ghost Recon really is an out-dated game and should never have been released on the Gamecube. An exact port of the old PC game is not acceptable. If you are looking for a good military squad-based shooter for the Gamecube, I recommend you pick up one of the Conflict: Desert Storm games, as they exceed in all aspects of the game, and prove to be much better than Ghost Recon.

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