SSX 3 Review


November 20, 2004 by

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SSX has returned! SSX3 is the latest addition to the famous SSX series, and features new features, more characters and enhanced graphics and sound. The new ability to make your own way through each course greatly increases the value of this great game.

SSX3 features many new additions in several categories, such as new characters and hidden features. Whilst SSX veterans will recognise most of the characters, there are a few new additions. Each character has their own personality. At the beginning of the game each character has the same stats, all very low. In order to gain more stats, you will need to gain points in the conquer the mountain mode, which is basically a career mode. There is also a single run mode and the multiplayer mode.

As said before, the conquer the mountain mode is the main part of the game. Here, you choose to either pull some Uber tricks to rack up a high amount of points, or you can race against contestants down the mountain. To begin with, you only have access to the bottom area of the mountain. In order to unlock the other areas and more modes to do than racing and freestyle, you will need to place in the top three of each level. You will also need to make some money, either in the free roam mode before a level or by getting objects whilst racing. With this money you are able to buy new characters, more stats for players and various other objects.

In the multiplayer mode you are able to race against a buddy, in any of the modes or levels that you have unlocked on the conquer the hill modes, as well as playing as the characters that you have bought.

The course designs are interesting and large. Not only are there many different routes on each level, making each level interesting, but most of the levels are long also. There are a couple of short levels on the freestyle, however all of the levels on the racing mode are large. There is even a level on each area of the mountain, which allows you to race from the top of that area to the bottom. This can sometimes take around 10-15 minuets, or even around 20-30 minuets, as you go through several different areas in order to get to the bottom of the hill.

Fans of the previous versions of the SSX series will be familiar with both the controls and handling of SSX3. The trick layouts are similar, however there are many new ones, but landing, turning and other movements and controls feel and execute well. The game will only take a few minuets for people who havent played any of the SSX games before, therefore allowing the game to be enjoyed quicker.

The previous SSX games have featured excellent graphics, but SSX 3 easily has the best. Everything is highly detailed and looks great. The sense of speed, thanks to the advanced graphics system, makes the game all the more enjoyable. The characters look great as they perform over-the-top, impossible moves, and the look of the snow and other objects on the levels make this game the best looking snowboarding game created so far.

The most impressive graphics in the game, however, is the snow. The snow falling from the sky, sitting on the ground or being flung up by your snowboard looks almost real. Probably the best realistic looking snow seen in a game so far.

The sound is as good as both the Gameplay and graphics excellent. Although the characters no longer have voice acting by celebrities, each character still talks appropriately to how they look and feel. The characters bicker and tease their opponents during the game, and can sometimes be amusing. The boards sound on different types of snow, ice and rock sound very close to realistic.

Probably the best part of the game sound wise is probably the music. It suits the game perfectly. There is a large variety of music in SSX 3, which are all heard on the games own radio station, complete with a DJ. You may choose which songs you want to hear, and choose wether you want to hear the DJ talking or not. Each song is different, however they all feature beating, catchy music that differs during the game. If you are getting some major air, the music becomes quiet until you get close to the ground, which improves the feel of air in the game.

To top it all off, SSX 3 features full Dolby Surround Sound.

SSX 3 has everything you want in a snowboarding game. It has excellent, long and enjoyable Gameplay, excellent graphics, sound effects that are close to perfect and music that is catchy and suits the game perfectly.

Overall, I recommend this game not only to snowboarding enthusiasts, but to anyone who wants a game with the sense of speed, the ability to pull insane, uber tricks or the feel and ability to speed down a mountain with various ways to choose from. EA Sports Big has done an excellent job on this game. Highly Recommended.

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